PTR-91 SC (with pics!)
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Thread: PTR-91 SC (with pics!)

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    Default PTR-91 SC (with pics!)

    I couldn't find my other thread so started a new one. Here are a few pics of my PTR-91 SC. I purchased the gun thru atlantic firearms this summer and just recently purchased the scope.

    she shoots like a champ


    drilled out front rivet on the hand guard spring to fit a harris HB2R bipod adapter/sling swivel for a harris bipod. bipod fits like a glove.

    Nightforce NXS 3.5-15X56 with MLR reticle, Nightforce steel rings, mil-radian and zero stop target turrets, Tenebraex killflash and scope eye recoil pad.

    Thanks to for hooking up the gun.

    Thanks to and for parts and components.

    And big thanks to Chopstix Kid for the metal lower trigger housing and for answering a ton of my questions.
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    The bipod makes your PTR91 look even cooler. I like it.
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    The PTRs are great guns for the money. Nice setup. What kind of groups were you able to get with yours? Just curious if the welded rail, for a secure scope mount, and fluted barrel aide in accuracy over the standard 18" model? I was able to get some 2" groups (at 100 meters) using Hornady 168gr and the FeroZ scope and claw mount.

    Never-the-less, great rifles.
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    That is indeed a very nice looking rifle. Thanks for posting it. Good detail on the pictures too.
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    I like it... I have been thinking of getting a Squad Carbine. Now you got me thinking of upgrades too!

    How do you like the scope?

    Why the choice of the folding stock?

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    look nice are you happy with the group is it sub moa?
    I'd like to put a scope on mine
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