Broken VP9sk recoil spring?
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Thread: Broken VP9sk recoil spring?

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    Default Broken VP9sk recoil spring?

    Hello everyone,

    I was out at the range today, and I noticed that I had an issue with my VP9sk that wouldn't load after firing. I would rack the slide, and fire, but again, it would not perform a follow-up firing (sorry if the lingo is off, I'm a relative newbie).

    So i took the slide off, and noticed an issue with the spring. I took a couple of photos and am hoping that someone on this forum would help guide me to the next steps for this repair.

    I appreciate any insight.


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    Call HK Customer Service and I expect they will help you out.
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    Never seen anything like that before. Looks like the forward recoil spring detached at the anchor point with the rod. HK warranty will cover you for sure!

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