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Thread: First 100 rounds of new VP9 and slide not locking back

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    Hi I have the same issue with a VP9mm
    Pretty disappointed in this one.
    I bought this for the wife as I run an HK 45 with the LEM trigger system and love it.
    So I bought the VP9mm for the woman.
    She shoots as regularly as I do ( we own a range) and shoot almost daily.
    This VP 9mm is accurate but I cannot train her in mag changes etc as it doesnt lock
    My first reaction was "Honey your limp wristing it."
    Then like many here I ASSUMED she was hitting the SUPER SENSITIVE slide release.
    So like any real man I did the let me have it it's you ( like so many seem to be telling you here)
    Well it did it to me.
    So like so many here I figured must be my grip.
    I adjusted
    Still did it.
    Then I fired one hand STILL DID IT.
    I'm pretty bummed as now I have to contact HK and send it to them.
    The few times it does lock open it BARELY catches the slide and when inserting the mag releases it.
    Not a good design.
    And no they are not after market mags.
    And no the mag springs are not tired.
    So Is HK recalling for repairs does anyone know
    Or is than at my expense deal?

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    are u shooting 115 grain ammo or stouter stuff ?

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    VP9 has the same spring as the vp40, so it may take a little to fully break in shooting weaker ammo. If you put a bullet in the mag, the mag in the gun chamber and eject it will it lock back? If you put the empty mag in and pull the slide back will it lock back? If it does then it's likely the ammo. If not then you have a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leperchuan0311 View Post
    are u shooting 115 grain ammo or real men 124gr +P stouter stuff ?
    ... Fixt.

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    I’ve said this before, my 2 year old VP9t eats everything I feed it, which is a few different makes of 115gr since day 1. I’ve never had an issue. Have about 5k rounds through it.
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    All VP9s eat pretty much anything, exception being cheap steel cased crap ammo.

    Break in first few hundred with NATO type 124g loads, or simply lock slide back overnight, problem solved.
    VP9 - times 4
    P30 v3
    P30SK v3
    HK45 V1 German Made
    HK45 V7 US built
    HK45 V1 US built
    HK45C V7 OD
    HK 45C V1 German Made

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    I have two vp9’s. First came with original spring, the second with the 40 spring. I have run the first one for a few years with no issues. Wife started using the second one and had same issue with cycling and lock back. I switched the springs and her problem went away. I have had only one issue with lock back when shooting off hand. We shoot light 124 reloads. In April I ordered an original spring to replace the 40 version as HK started selling the, again, but it was on backorder. I just got a call this week they are in stock and mine is shipping. Most have had success with shooting factory 124 for a few 100 rounds to break in the heavier spring, but buying the lighter one is an option too.

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