Is the h&k 45c a good conceal carry weapon ?
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Thread: Is the h&k 45c a good conceal carry weapon ?

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    Default Is the h&k 45c a good conceal carry weapon ?

    I own a P2000SK in 9MM. I have my Texas LTC / CHL. Texas passed open carry Jan. 2016.I choose to carry concealed. I'm looking for a larger caliber to carry concealed. I use the 13 round extended magazine with x grip on my P2000SK. Conceals just fine. I would be giving up round capacity for a larger caliber. I have not been able to hold the HK45C in my hand as no gun stores seem to have one in stock . I am going by dimensions only in trying to determine how this weapon will work as a conceal carry weapon .I am left handed and I carry appendix. Although slightly larger than the P2000SK would the 45c still work as an appendix carry concealable weapon? Is there a extended magazine available for the 45C and if so could the weapon still be used for conceal carry? How does the 45c handle recoil? Is there any problem with trying to maintain a consistent shot pattern with the larger caliber in a compact size weapon ? Sorry for all the questions. I don't know anyone who actually owns a 45c.

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    I carry a HK45c everyday. Light LEM, with talon rubber grips. It is by far the best compact .45 you can get today imho. If carrying appendix I see no problem there as long as you get a good quality holster, and a good quality belt. I believe that there are mag extensions for more capacity but I think only for the 10 round mags, which would only make sense I suppose . For me, I have no problem with recoil or follow up shots. I would highly recommend getting the talon grips. Makes a nice improvement and let's you gain better traction on the grip. The rubber ones are perfect for me. The sand paper ones are awesome but can snag clothing and make it bunch up depending on what you are wearing. With the correct gear, you will not have any issues carrying appendix imho. Depending on how I'm carrying, sometimes I have the 8rd mag in the gun, and carry the 10 rounders for my extra mags. I hope this helps answer some of your questions

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    I have the HK45c's older brother, an HK USPc 45. Also left-handed, carry at 8 o'clock. Conceals nicely, zero problems with control (shoots at least as nice as a 1911, IMO). I use a Hogue rubber grip sleeve to add finger grooves and a bit of grip. I've only held an HK 45c once, but seemed pretty close to my USPc in feel.
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    I switched from a p2Ksk to a 45c and have not regretted it at all. I simply shot the 45c better. No problems at all concealing for me. I opt for the flat 8 round mags over the 10 round mags. That being said, I've never carried appendix, always at my 4 o clock, so can't speak into that.

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    Athena Gun Store/Club on I-10/Beltway8 has them in stock. If they're not on display, just ask the desk and they usually have a few in their stock they can pull out for you. They've never been competitive on pricing in my past experiences, but you can at least get to hold one.

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    Making a similar move myself. I'm a lefty and I appendix carry my p30sk in a Stealth Gear holster. I made the switch last week to my USPc 45 after a trip to the range showed me I'm a better shot by far, with the 45. I have a smart carry holster I'm using for now but ordered a Tucker Heritage last week and will looking into another Stealth Gear for appendix carry, or maybe opening up the end of my current one. It looks like it will fit just fine if I do so.

    It's not a huge difference in size between the two, but looking at the specs (assuming I'm reading them right) the p30sk is a bit bigger than the 2000 and the USPc is smaller than the HK45c so you may notice more than I do. I carry with a 8 rounder and keep a couple of 10's in the truck I can drop in my pocket when I get out somewhere.

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    Ive got the blockier USP CT 45 as a carry gun, I don't think you would have any trouble with a HK45c either!
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    Echoing MikeLhk, I think the HK45c is a great CCW piece and a Jack of all trades gun. It can be configured up and down to fill whatever role you need it for. It can have a profile of a full-size or a compact in seconds. It out performs most full-sized pistols. LEM it and get yourself some flat USP floorplates and a slim slide release and it will have a quite small profile. Get some elephant 10 rounders for when you are wearing more clothing.
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    I think Hk hit a home run with the 45c. Feels good, granted the molded with stippling feels good in hand but aweful against my stomach. Been carrying one for just over 4 years now. I carry almost every day.
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    I handled one a couple days ago, felt like a really nice size and shape for AIWB carry and it fit my hand well enough despite hanging little girl fingers Though I have heard it mentioned that for some people it felt like it wanted to jump out of their hands shooting it… assuming this is only an ergonomic issue for some, you will likely love it if you don't fit into this bunch.

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