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Thread: Which HK pistol do I want

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    Quote Originally Posted by AGG View Post
    USPFS45t (Variant 1)!!!

    Yes sir No doubt about it
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    USP 45 Tactical, USP 45 Expert, USP 45 Elite, USP 45 Match or Mark 23, chances are any of these fine weapons will be more than precise enough. I personally like the Expert but that is a very subjective statement. I think you would be pleased with any of these choices.

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    All of them.

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    USP45T. Nuff said
    "It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."

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    I will echo others in that you will end up getting most if not all the ones listed here sooner rather than later . The real question is, what order are you going to buy them in . The disease has crept into your life. Now you're stuck in the web (pun intended ) and tangled up here just like the rest of us

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    1. Mark 23
    2. Usp45t
    3. Hk45ct
    But since you're in the market for an hk pistol, you may as well just see if you can find an sp5k in the next month! Another good suggestion would to be get a credit card with a really high credit limit.

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    Your biggest problem will be the cost of ammo once you get model ____.

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    Hard choice. Never shot an Elite, hear they have to be experienced to appreciate. Shot the other two on your list, since Im not into cans, my choice is the Expert. Getting an Elite and then a Tactical upper/Recoil spring assembly sounds fun too...just something about the Expert tho!

    Get them all! :D
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    The hardest question is, "which model HK do I get next"?

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    It sounds like the MK 23 and USP variants take top pick. If I find either one, grab it.

    About the USP, the Elite seems to come up for sale more often than the Expert. Probably means I want the Expert.

    What are the differences between the Elite and the Expert?

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