SP5K and Cleaning
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Thread: SP5K and Cleaning

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    Default SP5K and Cleaning

    Was going to ask this question in Barth's thread about breaking in the SP5K with hot ammo, but looks like the thread got closed. So...

    Laugh all you want at this question (I am new to the roller-lock world as the arrival of my SP5K in July will be my first), but will the gun run 500 rounds without cleaning? Reason I ask is I just built an AR platform 9mm thats direct blowback and running it suppressed, it was so dirty after 300 rounds that the bolt was locking up and it took me an hour to clean it. I'm assuming/hoping the MP5/SP5K doesn't have the same problem. Thanks!
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    I don't laugh at any questions. Don't know the answer but interested. But mistly wanted to say congrats and I'm jealous!!

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    There is much talk about proper break ins. If you consider an iron skillet that is new and then how to heat it, oil it, heat it, oil it until it is properly seasoned, you end up with an item, properly seasoned that will remain good for ages. The steel of the barrel and parts are similar. Some suggest swabbing oil after the first x number of shots and good cleanings after each trip to the range.
    Running anything suppressed will get your arm dirtier much faster. Running suppressed when first breaking in any arm is questionable due to the increased pressures and heat.
    In my 9s I start out with 124gr and the MEN15 is plenty hot enough for that trick, being in the NATO and +P range. I'll put 300-1k of it downrange and clean it a few times during that round count. After that, it should be fine to eat anything with the exception of certain MP5s not liking HPs. However, straight mags should alleviate the HP issues.
    With the SP5K being a HK, it should even eat 155gr out of the box, but I always prefer the 124gr to start with.

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    Without a suppressor attached you should have no problem at all shooting that amount of quality ammo through the SP5K.

    Any MP5 variant except the SD should handle several hundred rounds without any cleaning, and with extreme ease.

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    This may sound bad but i run my Getz sp89 with a .45 octane and i have run nearly 1500 rounds through it and haven't thoroughly cleaned it... i know, Im ashamed. i do however spray it out occasionally with gun scrubber and shake it out, haha!
    to answer your question- i think you will be just fine without cleaning often :)
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    Default SP5K Break In

    My personal plan? (Thanks to StraightGrain)
    1) Fieldstrip, clean & lube
    2) Fire 500 rounds of German NATO 124 gr ammo
    3) Fieldstrip, clean & lube
    4) Fire 500 rounds of U.S. NATO 124 gr ammo
    5) Fieldstrip, clean & lube
    6) Continue to enjoy my new iconic Hk till the End of Days
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    Im planning on doing the same.
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    I think you are getting way to analytical about this. This firearm does not poop where it eats like most AR platforms (direct impingement). They stay pretty clean and like most any HK firearm it is made to shoot and is very tough. Just go out and shoot the heck out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vjb.knife View Post
    I think you are getting way to analytical about this.
    Maybe. But I think I'm just new to the roller-lock mechanism, don't know much about how it works (heck, haven't even shot my SP5K yet) and was just curious if it runs dirty or not. Thanks for the info, sounds like its a pretty clean running action. FWIW, my 9mm AR is blowback and not direct-impingement.

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    The recommendation for the MP5 and MP5K is to clean it every 500 to 1000 rounds. Using dirtier ammo or shooting suppressed will make you want to clean closer to the low end.


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