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Thread: VP9 "reputation" and carrying the P30

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrodder636 View Post
    I am really wanting to get a good leather holster for concealed carry...I like the look and feel of leather.
    I ordered an Alessi Talon Plus for my P7 in JULY. STILL waiting. In the meantime, the metal clips on my Osborn leather/kydex IWB's have eaten one motorcycle seat, one Herman Miller chair...
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    I pick up my VP9 this coming Thursday. I'm currently in my 10 day waiting period. I fell
    in love with this 9mm, the first time it was in my hand. I feel like an "old kid" at
    Xmas !
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    YankeeMarshal is without a doubt one of the biggest jerks on YouTube. He purposely gives popular guns a bad review in an attempt to stir up controversy and get more viewers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarOfWar View Post
    HI All!

    I currently own a fairly sizable collection of handguns, but only one HK: a new VP9 I picked up in Oct. of 2015, purchased 10 extra mags for, a StealthGear IWB holster, and the HK Trijicon HD night sight set - the gun has performed flawlessly over thousands of rounds. When I took it to the range alongside my [new at the time] Sig P226 Mk. 25, Sig P226 TacOps and a Springfield XD(m) full-size, it easily stole the show - all 3 people I went out with shot "better" with the VP9, asked me about it and where I got it, etc. All were intent on buying their own.

    Since that time, I've been hearing a lot of "digs" on popular YouTube gunner channels, like YankeeMarshal, who ambiguously bemoan it as the black-sheep gun in the HK family... not worthy of carrying the name. I was hoping to get some input from the community as to why this is the case. Are there some bad design and/or major drawbacks to this gun that I need to know about or worry over?

    On to my P30 question: I've recently become enamored with the P30. After seeing it for the first time in a review, I can't stop internet-stalking this gun. It has a perfect shape, tremendous reviews, and it looks tantalizing for carry... something different from the Glock 19 and Sprinfield XD's I keep seeing on everyone's hip in the area. I was wondering if any of you out there regularly carry (open or concealed) the P30, whether you think it is a practical carry gun, and if so - what holster situations you've found to work best.

    Thanks in advance!
    I am no expert but everyone I have spoken to who was shot of VP 9 loves the gun. They shoot very well and they have a great trigger. We all have opinions and some of these minions are accurate and sometimes there are not. In addition, we have to remember that in any field if you give standard well-founded advice people who have already heard it will not listen to you since you were just stating what is already known and well established. However, if you say something controversial you will get a lot of attention and some of the people will believe you and follow you.

    When I was involved with photography and there were 3 major companies producing most of the photographic cameras for people, Nikon, Canon, and Minolta (before Konica Minolta), they were highly educated individual's who used to get into rants and arguments why you would not want to own a particular camera, brand, model etc. A lot of these opinions were not accurate and were subjective. Any man-made product whether it is guns cameras or cars are going to have positive and negative features. That being said I love HK and even if a particular HK firearm does not meet my needs I still think they are great. I believe that HK has a big hit with the VP 9 and is introducing people to HK's who would have not considered them before because of cost and not being this many striker fired. Now that they are coming out in different colors, although I love black and only black, they are reaching a larger market than before.

    I love my HK P30L 9mm and it has been my EDC for some time. I installed Trijicon HD Orange Night Sights and bought a custom holster and it is a joy to carry this handgun. The P30L is an ergonomic masterpiece. I would have liked a different double-action trigger but that can always be changed aftermarket. The location of the magazine release and the decocker is outstanding. I think HK made this gun for me because it works perfectly for me and I love it.

    Good luck on your decision and unsure whether you get a P30 or of VP9 you will be happy with either one. They are both great guns. Now I just need to get a good price on the HK SP5K.

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    Lots of Hks.
    VP9 and P30 40 Light LEM.
    Love the VP9, but shoot the P30 better.
    It's all about personal preference when it come to bombproof Hks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HKerInMo View Post
    YankeeMarshal is without a doubt one of the biggest jerks on YouTube. He purposely gives popular guns a bad review in an attempt to stir up controversy and get more viewers.
    Interesting first comment since you joined in June 2015. Just an observation.

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    Guess I'm kinda in this same vein. Owned several HK's over the years. Let 2 P7's get away, as well as a USC carbine. Still shoot my HK45.
    Liked the idea of a striker fire HK so when the VP9 tactical came out, I grabbed one. Figured I'd get a suppressor for it at one point. Trigger is good, very accurate gun, but, for me, it doesn't have that solid feel of a HK45 or P30. Hard to explain.
    I think I will be trading or selling my VP9 for a P30L. Guess some guns just don't grow on you.

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    I have P30LS, HK45, VP9, and P30SK. I love them all. I admit the VP9 "looks" a bit cheap compared to my others mostly because of the cheesy non matching slide stop levers. However on the inside the VP9 looks typical robust HK quality and I have not experienced, read, or heard about any problems with the VP9 and at least a few forum members here are at or over 20K with no issue. If anyone has any real evidence that the VP9 is not up to typical HK quality I would love to see it and I don't mean "it just feels cheap" or "it must be because it is cheaper". Others have asked the same and so far no takers.

    I remember decades ago when a new guy on the block hit the market and had a poly frame and a name that rhymed with goldilock. Common perception by many "experts" was that it was a cheap throw away pistol that would be lucky to last 5000 rounds before the frame gave out. Uh huh. I also remembered when the USP came out and comments were "nice gun but I wish they made the firing ping out of something other than pretzel sticks".

    So don't necessarily believe everything you hear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bastardsonofelvis View Post
    My VP9 has a reputation for reliability and extreme accuracy. Let the haters hate. My P30L is on its way back from APO with a RMR on it...stoked!
    If you don't mind sharing, what was the cost of the milling please?

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    I carry the P30sk as my primary, I have the VP9, but it's mainly a range toy.

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