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Thread: Im getting out of 1911s... Which H&K .45 ACP do you recommend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moueix View Post
    But if you are going to carry, I wouldn't recommend a full frame USP. It is just TOO big, even in the winter.
    Oh, really? Do tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin1776 View Post
    Oh, really? Do tell.
    For concealed carry? If you can conceal carry a full size USP, well, I sure as hell am not going to argue with you. ;) I guess I should have said "for me".
    I'm 6'1 and 225#'s, and unless it's under a coat, I just don't feel comfortable that it isn't printing big time. And even if it isn't printing, it's tugging mah pants down. hehehe...

    USP .45 with empty magazine - 31oz.
    VP9 with empty magazine - 25oz.
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    I'll join the HK45 band wagon to substitute for a 1911. It seems to have all the features that appeal to 1911 guys and some. It is slim for a polymer .45. The mag has +2 to +3 capacity and the grip is ergo. The only thing that gives me pause sometimes is the grip do I say it?.......too perfect. This is not a failure on HKs part. It is on me. Sometimes the grip feels so right, I think I need to handle a more manly USP/Mark 23 grip to avoid tipping into metrosexual territory. You know, kinda like washing my hands once in a while. LOL So I'm firmly in the HK45 camp......until it's time to get manly. :D

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    I am a keen advocate of 1911's and do the majority of my shooting with them. However, when not shooting 1911's I am shooting HK's.

    I am sure it has already been mentioned but try the USP platform, it has a similar manual of arms to the 1911.

    At the range I shoot the USP Expert 45 or the Mark 23.

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    Pick up an HK45. It's the most similar to a 1911 by a long shot. The next choice would be an HK45C.

    If you are going to conceal carry at all, pick up an HK45CT and buy a non threaded barrel and a couple of 8 round mags. You can run the longer barrel and 10 round mags for home defense and non threaded barrel and 8 round mags for carry.

    or just buy a HK45C and pick up some 10 round mags.
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    USP Tactical 45. Arguably the best HK made!!

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    I love both my USP FS and USP compact .45s.

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    I would highly recommend the USP45/USP45c combo. While I do love the full size more than the compact, both have never given any trouble and feed anything they are given. As an added bonus the paddle mag releases the HK's have are awesome compared to a button. I CC my USP9 LEM in a CompTach Minotaur holster w/ a Mean Gene's Leatherworks belt-phenomenal accessories btw! As long as you you wear the correct shirt I have no issues w/ printing and I am 5'9" and 185.
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    If you have the right 1911, you have nothing to worry about concerning performance and /or reliability. I don't ever see myself getting rid of the 1911 completely.
    HK45 is a great pistol, and I'd use one for range or outdoor adventures with no problem. 45c is a very good carry gun for all the reasons stated in this thread.
    Love the 45, .40, even the 9mm. HK covers all the bases. It's win-win (except for your bank account)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klickboom View Post
    Hmm, can you give some more info here? Just got a threaded barrel, and considering options. Why not suppress the Hk45? Thanks in advance..
    Some people don't do the NFA thing? OP's list of uses could use a suppressor. Nightstand and Target are both good applications.

    If I were to buy a HK pistol in .45 and I owned/planned to buy a .45ACP suppressor- the USP Tactical is the perfect host in my opinion, right from the factory. All you need is the can and ammo. Sights, trigger, threaded barrel, it has it all. You can find nice, used USP 45 Tacticals for good prices.

    If you already own a HK45 and love it, and want to add a threaded barrel, I see no reason not to. But I wouldnt reccomend HK45T over a USP45T.
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