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    With HKs, I've only sold duplicates or ones that I'm upgrading from. So no regrets, but even with other guns I've sold, never regretted anything. I'm usually pretty deliberate about which ones go.

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    No regrets selling my HK45T (Green and Tan), P7, P7M8 Chantilly, P7M13, P7M8 last 500, P9S, P30S, and P7K3.

    But the only one I regret is the USP Elite 9mm in Euro case. I did that twice.

    I will be looking for another example once I return CONUS.

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    Money definitely dictates my HK regrets. I'll usually sell to buy another, but in the here and now, I'm left with one HK and that is out of order. I regret not having enough doe ray me for all my wishes.

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    I've sold two MARK 23s. The first one I sold so that I could get a MK23 USSOCOM. With the funds from the sale of the second MARK 23, I bought both a P7 and a P7M13. So no regrets.

    What I regret are the ones that got away. I had a chance to buy a PSG1, but didn't have the funds available. Recently I had an opportunity to by a MP5 (transformed to semi-auto to make it legal in France), but at the last minute the seller decided to keep it.
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    My HK regret is not getting into HK's 10 years ago when I first started my firearms passion. So I pretty much regret not getting into the USP line. All those USP's that I passed up over a decade, UGH! I do regret that P7 PSP that I first passed on in a LGS about a month ago. I went back a week later to find out it was gone. The pistol had also sat there for 6 months. Man do I regret not putting it atleast in layaway till I had all the money a week later. They were asking $650 for it. Bummer!
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    Selling my IB date code 91, not buying at least two CA DOC 94s back when they were like $1800, and passing on buying HK sears in the late 90s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anopstyx View Post
    Sold a 10mm mp5k to buy my dream Truck. I miss it alot but love my truck more.
    What is the dream truck?

    No regrets yet, hopefully next year I will get my first HK pistol.

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    My regret isn't really HK specific, but not starting firearms ownership in general until 5 years after I could.

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    I worked at a gun shop in Utah when UHP traded in all their old p7m13....I could have bought as many as I wanted for $300 each. Yeah, I didn't and I keep kicking myself.

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    I can still count my hk's with one hand....I just gotta start over once or twice.

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    What a journey--- no regrets--- I have kept all my HK's!!!


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