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Thread: H&K VP9 catastrophic failure w/ pics : Thoughts/Advice please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertp View Post
    I don,t understand your thinking. They make the ammo he used for his gun. They don't make diesel fuel for gas engines.
    Allow me to clarify...yes the Ammo company is likely responsible for an over pressure cartridge or whatever.

    My point was, you have a Porsche equivalent firearm and are using cheap gas, so some accountability on user's part, in my small mind.

    At least that Ammo company is based in US, if it was a Tula cartridge, good luck suing them.

    It's unfortunate, but I think going to have a really hard time (and a long time) for any resolution or remuneration from ammo company.

    Be thankful no one was seriously injured, who knows, HK might replace frame, though I doubt it simply as would be some potential admission of liability.

    Best of luck in getting resolution, and seems like majority say to stick with more 'major' brand ammo in the future.
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    Your friend was indeed lucky.
    I went to CTD to see what they have. In the listing for the 250 round box there is no mention of it being reloaded, but when you look at the 115 grain in the 500 round box it clearly states that it's reloaded. That is a big no-no for me. I have to believe that they both are reloads. Also in the comment section there is mention of some rounds being rejected because the bullet had been pushed too far into the case. It's possible that the first round recoil might have pushed the bullet back into the case, or that it came that way. You should do a complete inspection of all remaining ammo for overall length and tightness of crimp. And of course don't shoot any more of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PC7 View Post
    This was the result of bad ammo, and of no fault of HK.
    If HK gives away new guns in situations like these, those costs will be passed on to future consumers. Nothing is free.
    While the ammo may be the culprit, a defect in the frame or other parts might have been at fault. A rare occurrence and I'm sure
    HK can afford to part with a new gun for the sake of good customer service and standing by its product.

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    Although I had never bought commercial remanufactured ammunition before, after Sandy Hook I got caught short of 9mm. I finally found a few thousand remanufactured 9s on the internet as well as two boxes locally. I put the two boxes back and kind of forgot about them until I uncovered them when looking for something else. Took a box to the next range trip. Last ammo I was going to shoot that day was the reloads in my Kahr P9.

    The first three rounds functioned as normal but the fourth round gave a loud kaboom. When I looked at my P9 the extractor was completely blown out of the gun and a hunk of the polymer frame was hanging out the right side. The front of the empty case was still stuck in the chamber but over half the case head was just gone, blown away. I stuffed it in my bag and left.

    At home I found that the Kahr frame had what looked like a molded in blow out panel and when I looked it up on the Kahr website I learned that was exactly what it was. Similar to the blow out panels on some chemical manufacturing buildings which handle solvents, the Kahr panel was designed to pop open and relieve pressure. It worked perfectly and all I had to do was work it back in place.

    Along with others, I believe the problem with the OP's VP9 was an overcharged round. That is obviously what happened to my Kahr using the commercial reloads. I haven't bought a remanufactured round since and never intend to do so. I just bought my VP9 in FDE a few weeks ago and would hate to think of it with a ruptured frame.

    OP, best of luck with sorting out you situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boriedd704 View Post
    If the fuel station has diesel in the gasoline storage tank, I use the gasoline pump that is delivering diesel to my car, and my engine is damaged. Does the car manufacturer have to replace my car/engine for free?
    The Ammo manufacturer should have the responsibility for fitness for a particular purpose.
    It is difficult to assign a manufacturing defect for the frame and extractor failing at the same time and the fired case seized in the chamber.
    Ammunition over-pressure is a far more likely cause.
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    i do not like the look of the bullet in the second ammo pic it has no crimp at all. makes me wonder if the bullet set back when chambered and caused over pressure failure of the round. this is a clear case of an over pressure round. like stated before contact the ammo producer. HK will fix the gun I do not know how much it will cost but the ammo supplier should pay for it if they are reputable company.

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    almost every single kaboom has a common single cause. yep reloaded or boutique ammo. course you didnt do it, you just bought it.

    cant find the makers website yet. see them on other ammo sllers websites. they make reloads and new stuff but boutique types. you could have ordered the new version from cheaper and they sent ya reloads. course maker could have mixed up the sticker on their own american flag boxes.

    im amazed the gun held up as well as it did and of course glad your friend is going to be okay, although emotionally jumpy from shooting for awhile and rightfully so. kabooms are darn frightening. just glad no one got permanently hurt that is what really matters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeHK28 View Post
    While the ammo may be the culprit, a defect in the frame or other parts might have been at fault. A rare occurrence and I'm sure
    HK can afford to part with a new gun for the sake of good customer service and standing by its product.
    How in the world could a defect in the frame cause this?? It has nothing to do with if HK could afford to replace the pistol or not. Paying for it when it was not the fault of the manufacturer could be considered an admission to liability that could lead to very expensive litigation not to mention damaging to their reputation.
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    If HK does the repairs at their cost you should feel lucky. That would be great customer service on their part. They did something similar to this for a member who double loaded a .45 that he admitted was his fault. I would then send HK's receipt to the ammo manufacture to make you whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PC7 View Post
    I've never heard of the manufacturer of the ammo you used.
    A key part of this case. Me neither. When people who have been around never heard of this ammo before, it is a clue.
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