Does anyone know why?
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Thread: Does anyone know why?

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    Default Does anyone know why?

    Why the Expert 45 is only being made available in California?
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    I thought it was discontinued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FS1 View Post
    Why the Expert 45 is only being made available in California?
    Pity, perhaps?
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    Yeah I actually recall something like that in a thread prior about the elites. They are on the roster there and it's hard to get guns there so HK is sending those runs to CA FFL to show the CA ppl some HK love. But anyone outside of CA can buy them of course

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    More likely, a large CA distributor did a "group buy" of them, and HK was willing to make a run of 1000 or so.

    That and the Elite/Expert 45s are on the roster still. Might as well do something with the $400 per year HK has to pay CA DOJ BOF for those two pistols.

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