.40 S&W, Which HK Pistol?
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Thread: .40 S&W, Which HK Pistol?

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    Default .40 S&W, Which HK Pistol?

    Going back to the dark side soon, just can't get excited over 9mm pistols anymore... so many great deals in this caliber for HK. Looking at the P30L V1, P2000 V1, USP Tactical V1, USP Compact V7, VP40 Tactical... I want them all but reality dictates that is but a dream currently. Which of these (or others) is THE one to own? Please do tell why...
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    Standard full size USP--Just cuz they are so old school cool
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    I owned at least one USPc .40 from 1996 til last year, and I still have a P2000SK in .40. I bought a USPc9 recently to replace the last .40. To me that platform is perfection. It's the perfect combination of ruggedness, capacity, size and ergonomics. The grip just fits my hand perfectly. If I could only have one gun it would be the USPc, but I think I prefer the 9 over the .40 because it's just more pleasant to shoot (for me).

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    OD green vp40 or a P30L v1 lem. You will not be disappointed with any of them....but these are my favorites in this caliber. The vp40 also allows a factory threaded barrel and an after market .357 sig barrel that is very reliable. Options for fun if you can have only one gun!

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    Didn't you just buy the German USP 9 NATO Compact from Classic Firearms?

    Anyway, if you like that wonderful trigger it came with I have two suggestions:

    We owned a 40 S&W P30L LEM ambi safety and my husband shot that exceptionally well.
    I, on the other hand, had the occasional magazine being released during shots and it transpired that the extended mag release on that gun did not suit my long fingers. So that gun wasn't right for me.

    I have recently purchased the USP 40 S&W Tactical V1 because I expect the trigger to be as the 9mm NATO USP C LEM from Classic, and more importantly because I bought a muzzle brake and want to experiment shooting hotter loads with it. I shot the Mark 23 with a muzzle brake and 460 Rowland loads in mid range and was VERY EXCITED.

    My experience with the muzzle brake and the Mark 23 460 Rowland project forced my hand into buying the USP Tactical 40 S&W to see what fun I can get.

    I haven't had the time to go shoot yet but I include a picture of it with the muzzle brake..40 S&W, Which HK Pistol?-20170314_191245_001.jpg

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    Having owned all those, some of them several times over, this is the order it needs to go:

    1. USP Tactical
    2. USP Compact
    3. P30L V1 (then send to Gray Guns for RRCPP)
    4. P2000 V1 (then send to Gray Guns for RRCPP)

    The Tactical is the smoothest and softest of all of them. The Compact is an excellent all-around platform and is a sweet shooter. The P30 has arguably the best grip out of any gun on the planet, and is super accurate and fun, plus it has the rail to mount a light. I do feel the recoil is more noticeable in the P30 than the USP series. Finally, while the P2000 is very good (and also the cheapest option of the 3 by far) it just doesn't hold a candle to the others. If you do get the P2K or P30, either put the Todd Green trigger in it or send it to Gray Guns for the RRCPP. The RRCPP makes the gun fantastic. Finally, the Tactical can be found stupid cheap right now for what you get if you search on this very forum.

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    @BigBoss0311 :

    Hey, did you find the USP Tactical a tad top heavy?
    My Tactical came with plastic mags. I may look for steel mags to add some weight or would you recommend the jet funnel to add more weight and balance to the gun?

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    I can only comment on the VP40 which I love!

    The slide on the VP40 is huge (unlike a Glock 22/23, etc.), they built that slide like a tank specifically for the .40 S&W round). It dwarfs my VP9 slide, thickness and weight, and makes for a really soft shooting .40.

    I was a little hesitant to get into .40, but after shooting the VP40 I do not see the big deal... I also bought the .357 SIG conversion barrel from HKparts.net and I'm now hooked on .40 S&W and .357 SIG!

    I was looking at some USP Compacts in .40 recently, including the stainless, but I read one too many negative comments about the way it handles the round compared to the other HK hammer offerings. I want to take a look at the full size USP and even the P30 in .40 down the road.
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    Yeah, I hear you. Got tired of the 9's and went up. I have the P2000 LEM in.40 which shoots like a dream. After I got the hang of the LEM, I bought a .357sig HK barrel for more variety. WOW!!! The .357sig is even better with more flash and bang than the .40, and a joy to shoot. The P2000 in .40 and the USP compact in .40 are the only HK guns that can use HK .357sig conversion barrels. I have never shot a USP compact in .40, but I hear the recoil is a little snappier but manageable. Therefore, a P2000 or a USP compact would be my choice for the .40 because of the .357 conversion. You'll have two guns in one and twice the fun!!

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    P2000 v2 in 9, then a jump to the USPc 45v1. Finally settled on the p2000v3 40s&w, loving the ergos and punch from the caliber.

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