My P30 blew up.
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Thread: My P30 blew up.

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    Default My P30 blew up.

    Had a scary one at the range today. Took my P30 out to put a quick 100 rounds through it, 3rd shot caused a fatal malfunction, neither myself or the guys at my shop are quite sure how or why it happened.

    It scared the bejeezus out of me, the switchable side grips actually came halfway off the frame as it expanded in my hand. Slide, barrel, and recoil spring appear perfectly intact. The frame has absolutely had it, guide rods are out of place, and I'm pretty sure the trigger no longer functions.

    Was using Winchester range ammo, not reloaded.

    Thinking I'll call HK tomorrow as their office is closed Sunday.
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    Save the rest of the ammo and also contact winchester about the issue too. Glad no one was hurt

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    Glad you weren't hurt. That is scary looking. I am very interested in knowing what H&K has to say about it. Winchester also.

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    wow! we are glad you are not injured.
    I just bought another p30 in .40 s&w. now I'm nervous.

    ive not heard manyt other manufacturers guns doing this, not to this extent anyway.. hhhmmmmm
    even my Mom carries a P30s, maybe its time to re consider........

    i hope the service dept will get you a new firearm, this is UNACCEPTABLE.

    would it be safe to say, only a firearm made of solid stainless is safer? instead of this polymer, which can dryout, crack, and cause permanent injury?
    I frequent several firearm forums, and have seen a few which came close to this, but not quite as bad as this one, there is some serious damage here, it looks like you were lucky in not being injured.
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    Wow that's nuts! You better go play lotto, they could have ended badly!

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    Looks like a double charged round.

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    Glad you weren't hurt. Also very interested to see what they say, both HK and Winchester.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leperchuan0311 View Post
    Save the rest of the ammo and also contact winchester about the issue too. Glad no one was hurt
    Save the empty casing also.

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    First and foremost, I'm glad you weren't hurt! This looks like an ammo issue from my limited experience. Two of my shooting buddies have had kabooms caused by overloaded factory rounds. One was White Box .45 that blew the grips off a Sig 1911 the other was some Blazer .40 that killed a M&P. Both pistols were replaced by the ammo companies.

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    Can you add pictures of the chamber, breech face and fired case?

    Did the magazine stay in the gun?

    Odd that the top round in the magazine in the first picture is so clean?

    Was the barrel checked for a squib?

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