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Thread: A question of pistol hammers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooSixy View Post
    Unfortunately, you are stuck with the spurred hammer on the P30. There is no bobbed hammer that would work with a V3. The exploded diagram in the manual shows 2 bobbed hammers: one for LEM (part 31.1) and one for what looks like (and mis-labeled) a V3 bobbed hammer (part 31.3). Well, part 31.3 is actually a DAO bobbed hammer (V6 if you will) and has the correct part #207036. If you look at the diagram again and compare parts 31.2 and 31.3, the bottom of the DAO bobbed hammer (31.3) does not have the sear notch as the V3 spurred hammer (31.2). It is because a DAO does not have a sear.

    As others have already stated, you cannot use a LEM bobbed hammer with a V3 (DA/SA).

    Thank you!
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    I can't speak to the P2000, but the hammer bob on my P30sk is just rubber. Could easily be cut or filed/ground down. Hell you could probably even rip it off if you really hulk out, I've heard stories of some falling off and having to be glued back on. Although that option will leave a really funky shape and not be smooth at all.

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