Picking up new VP9, what to look for
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Thread: Picking up new VP9, what to look for

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    Default Picking up new VP9, what to look for

    So I ordered a VP9 from grabagun, and I just got a call from the local pawnshop I had it transferred to letting me know that they have it ready for me to pick up. I can't wait, but I also know that I'm fairly new to firearms, and I don't know what to look for when I pick it up. I've read a bunch of places to really inspect the handgun before taking possession of it, but again, I don't really know what to look for.

    Any suggestions?

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    I will be picking up mine today or tomorrow. It has night sights, so I will check the tubes. I will clear then disassemble and look at slide, rails, trigger assembly, etc. I am not an armorer so I will just look for anything unusual. I will reassemble and work the action and trigger to look for proper operation. Page 10 of the manual describes operation. Rack slide, check trigger pull and hold trigger back. Rack slide and check reset. If FFL has snap cap I will check feed and ejection. Any other suggestions from the forum?

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    Striker gun, pretty much rack and pull the trigger. Buy HK brand new and even the finish is pristine, easy to spot something unusual.
    SN in 4 places, case-label/frame/barrel/slide. Lock slide and peek down barrel, check mags for marks/wear – that the gun is new. Spare side-panels/backstraps are all accounted for.
    Ask first, but don’t be surprised if the store won’t allow you to field strip it (you don’t ‘own’ it yet). Besides, it’s brand new (I don’t even bother bringing my snap caps).

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    It's new, pick it up and shoot it. If the pawn shop has some mags, buy some more mags. HK Customer service will honor their warranty, so just check cosmetics to make sure it's acceptable. The story is different for a used gun or another brand :D.
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    Pickup from pawn shop, bring home and clean all the shipping grease off, go to range and shoot. Use a good quality 124gr ammo to break in the stiff recoil spring assembly. You should be good to go. i did not clean the shipping grease and the first range trip was frustrating. I have also read where 124gr Nato pressure ammo will help with the break in.

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    grabagun sells new guns so not much to worry about. i just a few guns from them and havent had any problems. just make sure you clean and oil before firing.

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    Operators manual states that the gun was designed to use 124gr NATO ammo. Be sure to use that for at least the first 500-1,000 rounds to avoid FTFs and FTEs. After that 115gr will cycle without issue.

    Enjoy your new handgun.
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    Yup, any 9mm NATO is what to use. This is all I use, I don't bother with any 115 BB gun stuff

    124, 147.

    There is no break in, the American pansy loads are not good. Sure after so many rds they will work.
    I use only what the gun is recommended, and that is all NATO pressure rds, and +P rds. American +P is just about even with the NATO pressures, give or take 1000-2000 psi.

    Always clean before use, sure with proper NATO ammo it will function, but a cosmoline free pistol is better,
    Fresh oil on rails, barrel, spring, etc, makes a happy fun gun
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    I own five P30's (all bought brand new) and never experienced a single failure in several thousand rounds using 115 grain aluminum Blazer.

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    If it's new it's good to go. Clean lube and shoot. Just use Strong Ammo for first 200 rounds or so. The recoil spring is pretty stiff. Congrats and welcome!!! Vp9 is a great gun!!

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