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Thread: VP9/P30 interchangeable grip panel question

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    While it is nice having different palm swells and back straps to fine tune pistol fit, what really helps is grip technique and trigger control. Shooting to the left can be an indication of tightening the fingers on the pistol grip with your strong hand while pressing the trigger rather than isolating trigger finger movement from the rest of the hand. shooting low and left for a right hand shooter indicates flinching/recoil anticipation. I find it also helps to concentrate strong hand grip pressure front to back on the pistol grip pinching the grip into into the back of your hand. Shooters use different grip pressure with their strong hand and have to experiment but I use about firm hand shake grip pressure but use very little force with my pinky on the grip. A good 360 grip all around the pistol will help stabilize it from moving during trigger press. The video below IMO is excellent on pistol grip. Dry fire practice will help a lot with trigger control with the goal that the aligned sight picture does not move off target through drop of the hammer/striker after trigger release.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz4HFTW22ok -- another good video on pistol grip
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    Quote Originally Posted by BB61 View Post
    Quick question. Is it safe to try the different combinations without putting the pin back into the grip?
    Yes it is safe.

    Also you can think about getting training aid tool that allow to diagnose and correct problems with grip and trigger. I suggest to have a look at Mantis-X. It really is great tool once you understand that it does not care how and where you are aiming, only on your grip and trigger mechanics during shot.
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    I bought my VP9 several months ago and tried the different sizes,at home,to see which fit the best. I found that the M-right,S-left and S-back felt best. I went to the range,at 15 yds.,blew out the X and have never looked back.I should probably try the others at the range,but I shoot so well with this combination I do not see why.

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