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Thread: P2000SK or P30SK or VP9SK

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    I agree with others.
    Only you can choose for you.
    Rent/barrow/own and figure it out.

    Personally I've got a P30SK 9mm and P2000SK 40 S&W (Both V1 Light LEM).
    Really prefer the P2000SK with 180 gr rounds.
    Also prefer flat base plates on both guns (hate the pinky extensions).

    A big part of you decision will be the trigger group; LEM, DA/SA or Striker.
    Secondarily caliber; 9mm, 357 Sig or 40 S&W.

    Good Luck and enjoy the journey!

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    As others have stated, you have to shoot the three guns in mind and choose what's most appealing in the hand and comfortable. I agree with points on hammer fired pistols. I prefer it for greater safety while carrying appendix. The LEM trigger is great and should be considered since you're an unbiased beginner. Don't get caught up in the caliber debate. Shot placement is most important especially when just starting out - go with 9mm. Concealed carry is an evolution. Be prepared to change holsters, carry location and even pistols multiple times until you find what works for you. But train train train. Don't just buy a gun, stick it in your pants and call it good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertp View Post
    Just be very careful when holstering especially if you carry inside the waistband that your close doesn't get inside the trigger guard. Which is why I prefer hammer. But either way you have to be careful.
    This is a hugely important point. This is why training is so important. Last night during a match, MANY people had issues with their cover garments. We just don't train enough with how we really carry. Yes, safety first.

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    Test Drive! Prefer hammer of course for carrying AIWB, but as long as you're careful as you should be, its up to the feel of the grip and trigger.
    I just prefer to have my thumb on the hammer, but there's no race to holster your weapon.
    At least try a p30 V1 LEM and V3 DA/AS vs a VP striker.

    I went P30sk V3 first before even trying V1 but now would prefer a V1 since getting a P30L V1 and getting more comfortable with firearms... VP9sk wasn't out yet, but I love my VP9 which was my very first pistol before i got my CCW.

    as a novice myself and my funds take other priorities, If I were you, i would test drive so you know exactly what u want before you commit.
    I would also look into run-on sentences which I'm still working on.

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    i like hammer pistols for carrying, just my personal preference. I have a P2000SK and a P30SK, I prefer the P30SK because it's a DA/SA manual safety. I never got the hang of LEM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelVain View Post
    i like hammer pistols for carrying, just my personal preference. I have a P2000SK and a P30SK, I prefer the P30SK because it's a DA/SA manual safety. I never got the hang of LEM.
    I am on the same boat. The more I read about LEM, the more I think it's not for me. Shooting it is fine but carrying one in the chamber with LEM feels uneased for me :)

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    Even the LEM’ers will say it’s an acquired taste, I can see its purpose but it’s not for me, it’s still long and again resetting. I come from a late 80’s P226 which I’ve recently modernized with DA/SA P30’s S/SKS. In 2 weeks I’ll pick up a P2000 as my reduced-size P30 for winter carry.
    As for a pseudo-DA LEM, it’s not that far off (for me) from my 4” Python — with .357 power. The LEM doesn’t have/need a safety because it’s redundant every time you release the trigger, so a chambered round is safe. No different than a chambered DA/SA hammer-down safety-off, the first round DA is the safety. And it doesn't take much either to pull the DA hammer back to engage SA. What's important is train train train.
    The beauty of HK is that they offer variants/configs on the same line/model so the shoe fits.
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    I vote P2000SK, though I don't have mine now after trading it off to a friend. I haven't tried VP9SK, but I am firmly in the camp of NOT feeling that striker fired pistols with 5.5lb with almost no trigger travel is safe for carry. My P30SK V3 had the WORST double action trigger I've ever tried, must have been north of 14 lbs.... literally borderline useless.

    My P2000SK was V2 LEM, which I believe is the correct form of LEM trigger for a carry gun... and it just so happens to be the iteration that was designed for the concept originally. The V1 triggers came later and as they are much lighter, I think it makes them a good bit less suitable for carry than V2.

    Quote Originally Posted by jpgeorge View Post
    If you actually train and carry, the VP9SK is the way to go. Take a concealed carry class and shoot 300+ rounds. You will know what I mean. DA/SA is great for the range. Unmodified LEM is over rated. Modifying your carry gun is not wise.

    You don't need a hammer. A second strike capability is useless. Tap, rack, reaquire, engage if necessary. If your malfunction drill involves pulling the trigger a second time, then you are creating a training scar.
    This assumes there are not other benefits to hammers that you failed to mention, there are other positives.
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    I like my P2000sk. Never have had any jams or any problems with it. Probably has over 2000 rounds in it by now. If you are not sure, I would follow the advice of others on this forum: shoot all of them, then decide. One thing is certain: you can not go wrong with any of these pistols from HK that you mentioned. If you have deep pockets, buy all three!!

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    I find if you can conceal an SK, the next size up is no issue.
    Love the P2000

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