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Thread: What is the fascination with the VP9?

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    I own one HK,a VP9LE grey. I shoot this pistol better than anything I have owned.It fits my hand like a glove and points perfect.I am a striker fired person,as I do not feel a need for a hammer or external safety.The market seems to agree with me,as most new pistols are striker fired.The law enforcement community have almost all gone to striker fired,so they must agree.I do not think the VP is a cheap or poorly made firearm.It just costs less to mfg.I am not going to debate the other models of HK,I do not own one nor shoot one(no one owns one that I know and I never see one at the range).I feel my VP9 will do what needs to be done if I need it,which is to keep me alive.I will not debate the merits of the other HK's,as I have no basis to compare.Everyone likes what they like and I cannot find fault with that.
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    It's certainly not poorly made, however I do prefer a hammer/safety (might just be the placebo feeling). The barrel axis is a tad high imho, making it a bit of a nervous shooter compared to other models. It's not too bad though, so it should just be something to get used to. The cheap thing does not mean cheap as in wallmart nerfgun cheap, but at $500ish bucks it's significantly less costly compared to a USP / P7 / Mk23 etc.
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    I got into HK's after the VP9 and VP9sk were released. I'm a 40/357 man. Always wanted a P2K in 40/357 because of the reputation and size compared to my favorite carry pistol, the Glock 23/32. Next up was the P2Ksk in the same cartridges. When I found out the VP40 had a much beefier slide than the VP9 I decided to try it because I like overbuilt firearms. Only days later I bought a P30L in 40. HK means hammer to me and Glock means striker to me. Never been disappointed in either. Still have the VP40 and it's a fine pistol but I'll take a 22 or 23 over it any day.

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    I'm curious and hope someone can explain to me; not having owned, fired or even held other H&Ks...

    Other than the hammer vs striker, what makes the VP less expensive? What part of the difference is higher production runs (I assume they make more of them than other pistols) and what part is higher material and labor cost? Could there also be a gross margin component?
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    Last year around this time, places were blowing them out for Black Friday at or close to $400. Think about how many people have become "HK Owners" because of that.
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    I don't necessarily think there is a huge price difference in the manufacture of a striker vs hammer, sure.. it might save a couples of bucks. But I think volume and price point are key factors. I wouldn't be surprised if HK settled for a vastly lower margin to take a slice of Glock's market share. The volume makes up for the lower margin.

    A pistol is not rocket science (although manufacturers want to make you believe that). I don't think there are that many options left to significantly reduce cost without sacrificing reliability, accuracy and finish. Chucking out bulk volumes is the proven method for efficiency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEEF View Post
    ...but to me, its not that great especially compared to other items on the HK menu.
    I've never shot a VP70 . I've shot a couple of P9's in different versions. I have either have owned or currently own all the rest . They're all like children , they are different and each has positive as well not so positive attributes. For range work, it's the USP series in some version. My carry is either a .45 USPc or a P7M8 . My favorite HK is a P7M10 . I've got over 20K rounds on one of my VP9's and several K rounds on a VP40 and another VP9 , and btw -with narry a problem on any of my VP's . I don't think the VP series is cheap feeling at all .

    So tell us which ones (HK pistols) you do like and why , just curious .
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    What is the fascination with the VP9?
    All personal preference. I don't understand the fascination with the USP series. Glad there is a variety of options, the more the merrier.
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    I have 3 HKs and love em all, USPc and a P2ksk and a P30L. I am also a old fart and grew up with hammers and single action actions on my pistols which I carried for years. I have to agree with the person who started this thread as I am not thrilled with the VP9. I shot several several at the range and kind of went ho-hum. IMO I did not see the quality of manufacturing that I have seen on the hammer fired pistols. I know CNC machines and know manufacturing and in my opinion H&k dropped the price point by saving time of set-up and tolerances to get more into the mainstream market as caused by competition. That"s fine as now we have more H&K owners who enjoy the VP series. There are a lot of departments jumping on the striker fired bandwagon and carried in a duty holster quite safe. There is a reason that one manufacture, GM, made Cadillac's and Chevys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeppo View Post
    The VP9SK was my gateway drug, followed quickly by a VP9. Now that I'm "in", I'm saving money for a "real" H&K.
    I'm the complete opposite, started out with a VP9 and just bought a VP9SK. I'm saving also for my next HK which will probably be a P30

    Quote Originally Posted by bastardsonofelvis View Post
    It's accessible. I think HK knew what they were doing creating their "gateway drug". Ultimately I think the VP9 is going to sell a lot of P30s and then by extension USPs.
    I think so too, as I'm kind of taking that route.

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