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Thread: New HK45C USA Made

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooSixy View Post
    Oh my.... LOL
    Reading comprehension is hard...

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    This is funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Condition0 View Post
    I'll try 1 more time. I actually had a company with Visa required employees, have met with lawyers, read what was copy and pasted.
    Buuut, can anyone, or does anyone know HOW MANY HK employees from Germany are here, at the plant, making our guns?
    This is not an immigration issue or troll. My thoughts are that if they sent a team of experienced employees, and the parts are the same, we shouldn't see any difference.
    It also would be helpful for all the posts I see questioning the qc issue. As some have posted, a German HK45C is preferred over the US made. I'd like to see more than anecdotal evidence. The line employment figure would be enlightening.
    A video from Shot 2018 interview within the HK booth mentioned that some core staff members were brought to the US (1 of them were the key designer for the G36). Hope this info helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElvisNixon View Post
    A lot of SIG guys gripe about them not being the same as the German ones. Let's hope US HK's will be the same quality as we know and love. I'm not at all against HK making guns here FWIW. I just hope they prove out over time to be up to snuff.
    That's the expectation, but as we all know, expectations and reality can differ. The only way a US HK can equal a German HK in build quality is for the following to happen.

    1) Keep all HK gun parts German made as much as possible. Any US supplier of parts must be HK certified.
    2) The build process and all tooling must comply with German HK standards and specs
    3) All Americans must be trained and certified to German HK standards in the build process by German HK QC engineers/managers
    4) The whole plant undergoes an annual QC audit by German HK QC personnel

    Otherwise you'll have a Beretta/Stoeger-like pistol.
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    HK has built several thousand HK45s and HK45Cs in USA. and I have never heard of a single issue unique to them. I am very confident that HK can build firearms in their Georgia plant that are at least as good as the German made ones. Very likely the machinery in Georgia is more modern state of the art.
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    I am a huge HK fan, and own many. That won’t change. But to say German, Turkish, and other migrant workers in Germany can assemble HK pistols better than workers in the U.S. is pretty ridiculous.

    I understand the need to have German engineering oversight, but we build some pretty great things here in America. I’m confident the guns will be just fine.

    I own HK’s made in both countries and am a not seeing any problems.
    A collector will want what they want, and I find no fault in that. But for everyday use, I think we’ll all be just fine.
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    Wilcox was assembling HK45 and HK45CT pistols here for some time now...

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    Just picked up my HK45c today looks and feels good from what I could tell before heading back to work but its a US made no slide markings with a date code on the frame of BH and serial number of 216-0200** it does have a German made barrel with what looks like a different serial number on it 128-047882 also has HK and DE stamped on the barrel. Happy so far but I'll see if I can post some pictures of the internals tonight when I get home and can look at it some more.

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    So I thought about this for a few days and went back to possibly buy the gun. Making a big deal over a blank slide started to seem silly. As I was handed the pistol, I noticed now that there are no markings on the barrel; a detail I initially overlooked. And so, I handed the gun back and left. Ahhhhh OCD...

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    Default New HK45C USA Made

    I just picked this up.

    216-xxxxxx serial number on the frame between the rail

    DE Made barrel it seems

    The letter “P” stamped
    On the frame in front of the slide stop

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