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Thread: USP Questions

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    Default USP Questions

    Hello all! Ever since I sold my PTR-91 I have been away from the forum for some time. Well now I want to step back into the HK world and this time I want to buy an actual HK, a USP 9mm. I am deploying soon and when I come back will have plenty of money for one but have some questions.

    I see the 9mms come with 15 round magazines but there is also a thing called the jet funnel and 18 round magazines are available. I see some 18 round mags with transparent white bodies. Are these good to go? I also read somewhere there are updated USP magazines? Do those come in the interesting clear color or only black? Also is the jet funnel and the 18 round mags duty rated, or are they only for things like competition and range use?

    Also there seems to be several variants of USP. Which one is most ideal for defensive uses? I plan to make this a dedicated home defense gun and also for open carry when shooting/camping/exploring the desert.

    Thank you for the help in advance and glad to be back! :)


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    Hey Earl, First off, thank you for your service...To answer your question as best as I can, here I go. The Jet funnel is a flared mag well add-on that is intended for competitive shooters who need to slam a mag in fast during reloading between stations. You can either have it or not, it will make no difference in the operation.

    I would also suggest you look for a model that has a decocker. Variant 1 (also known as V1) has a decocker and safety. In a defense situation your fine motor skills evaporate and you are running soley on training and muscle memory. A decocker will still let you shoot, but the first pull will be approx 12 lbs which I would prefer especially if you are awoken from a deep sleep and need to defend yourself.

    As for the clear/white mags, I have no experience. All I have are OEM steel mags with the extended floorplates.

    Hope this helps!

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    I carry a full size USP 9MM with jet funnel magazines for LEO duty use. I initially started out with the clear magazines but after around 1500 rounds I began to have issues with the magazines experienced issues usually around 15th or 16th round. I then purchased several (5) of the all steel but polymer coated jet funnel magazines. Absolutely no issues with these magazines. They are extremely well made
    So now I have 8 magazines three on me and the rest attached to my bailout bag.
    Watch for advertising that's not correct, it will show an all steel mag but they are polymer coated. No all steel mags made.
    Best advise I have for you is contact Mike at Cross Creek Guns, absolutely BEST price and great guy to boot, and fast shipping.

    Have a good and God bless

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    Thank you for your service to our country, and be safe!!!
    I prefer Variant 1.


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    The USP is probably one of the best pistols ever made, hands down. V1 is the most common, which is a DA/SA with saftey/decocker left side for right handed shooters. You also have the option for a V7 which has no safety or decocker and is a DAO. The safety for it would be a long but light takeup, the hammer always rests in the decocked position, with a SA like break and reset. Considering you must always chamber a round, this will be the only trigger you will experience, unless a primer misfires and then you will have a long and heavy double action style pull for a re-strike, unless you choose to rack the slide. It really is common preference, neither are better or worse than the other. The jet funnel is awesome, makes reloads very easy and extra capacity. Steel will always be better than plastic and I believe they are actually cheaper price wise? The beauty of the USP is whatever trigger variant you choose, you can always purchase a kit and switch the variants with ease with no warranty issues. The pistol comes with standard white dot sights, and you have the option to get an LE version which gives it tritium night sights from factory plus an extra mag for usually less than $100 more (both of those cost $150 if you purchase it after the fact). You are going to love the USP. I am new to HK and my first gun was a VP9 but just found it boring. Now have a USP Expert 9, a USP Compact 9 and a USP Compact 45 :)
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    I agree with Mr. Whaley. It's all personal preference and you can easily convert one to another. Look into the LEM trigger. You'll love it.

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    The USP series is a fantastic platform. Lots of parts and magazines are available. I prefer the DA/SA variant myself. The only downside is the proprietary rail if you decide you want to mount a weapon light.

    The P30 series is the latest iteration of HK handguns and are just as excellent. The grip is more ergonomic and is just as fun to shoot as my USP guns. With a universal rail, you mount almost any laser or light. Also, there have been big price drops on the p30 handguns. There was a recent deal for a new p30 9mm for $525 shipped for instance. Same gun was selling for $850+ 3 months ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Earl_Burlin View Post
    Also is the jet funnel and the 18 round mags duty rated, or are they only for things like competition and range use?
    I have run .40 white/clear LE only marked high cap "Jet Funnel" mags for quite awhile and have had no issues with them at all. I am not aware of HK deliberately making any hinky/gimicky mags that are not suitable for duty use and most LE that carries (or carried) a USP used these high cap "Jet Funnel" mags for duty carry or as a reload.

    The Jet Funnel refers to an add on part that can go to on the bottom of the USP and gives you a flared mag well. If you install that part on your USP, you must use compatible high capacity magazines. The smaller standard magazines are too short to engage with the funnel attached and cannot be used with it. I believe that is why the standard are black composite and the high caps are white/clear composite-- so you don't mix one up.

    However, you do not need the jet funnel to run the high capacity (18 round) Jet Funnel compatible magazines. You can use them as is, they will just stick out the bottom of the magazine well and leave a slight gap that would have been filled by the jet funnel attachment.

    All of the USP HK magazines I have are composite. All of the smaller capacity mags are black composite and all of the Jet Funnel compatible mags are white/clear composite. All the USP Compact magazines I have are steel, and they are not compatible with the full size USP.

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    Just stick with the 15 round mags and save your money. If you missed in 15 tries what are the chances 3 more are going to get it done?

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    Quote Originally Posted by racegunner View Post
    Just stick with the 15 round mags and save your money. If you missed in 15 tries what are the chances 3 more are going to get it done?
    Huh? This doesn’t make sense.
    HK Certified Armorer (handguns)

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