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Thread: What brought you to H&K ?

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    Backed into it.

    Was a NYC cop for 20 years. Retired, moved to Vero Beach, Florida. Walked into my LGS in Sept. of '14 for a new c.c.holster. Sitting in the case, with a kind of ethereal glow (picture the green trunk in REPO MAN) was the venerable MARK 23 with the KAC suppressor attached. Went in for a $50 holster......walked out with a $3K purchase and my first 6 month wait. As stated before, the addiction is REAL!

    P.S. - the LGS was the 'old' KNIGHTS ARMAMENT plant from the 80's b/f they moved to Titusville.
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    P30L, Euro Mag Release, Decocker location and the fine engineering.

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    Mark: 23

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    I was lurking on a suppressor forum researching to buy my first suppressor. The two top recommendations back then for a host were the Sig P226 and the HK USP9sd. I went to a gun store and held both and liked the way the HK felt best so it went home with me.

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    Default What brought you to H&K ?

    Those ads for the 94 and 91 (swamp guy) in SOF magazine in the early 80s. I ogled the full page adds for these in Shotgun News ever wishful my parents might take mercy on me and fork out the $500 or whatever they were back then -- no chance in hell. I never lost that attraction and started collecting and shooting them as an adult with disposable cash. Many HKs later, I still have not lost the passion for them.
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    read these forums for quite a long tme. @AGG convinced me on a Mark 23. was my first HK purchase. just because work was good and i had the scratch, and it was always on my radar, since i went to MEPS and was disqualified from UDT school for high blood pressure/eyesight/and bad knees so they said. was a life changing wake up - joined my Union, and have been happy ever since. no complaints, minor regrets.
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    VP9 ergos and trigger while still being a polymer striker with no manual safety

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    I was exposed to HKs early in Europe and have always liked German things. I bought my first HK, a G3 type in the late 70s at a gun show. I believe it was 400 or so used which was a good bit of money at the time. Later in the 80s we had a fellow open up a small part time gunshop near my base and he stocked HKs, very rare in those days. I bought a P7M13, then traded that to another guy for a P7M8(grip size) and I purchased a NIB HK94A3. When USSOCOM adopted the MK23 I became interested in the new polymer HK pistols. I wanted a USP 45 but they were unobtainable at first so I bought the only one I could find, a USP 40.
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    My introduction to semi auto pistols was (my brother’s) USP 40. Other pistols that I handled over time felt snappier or ‘less than’.... struggled with a cheaply made 1911 and then a glock 45 before buying my first HK. The first time I handled an MP5, I just looked down, shook my head and thought ‘I must own one of these!’ God help me if their long guns are as impressive!

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    I shot my first set of HK handguns with a friend at the range back in '96, after that its been my mission to own HK products. The feel, the mechanics, the accuracy with minimal adjustment (or maybe I'm just a good shot). While I do own other "G" pistols HK is my go to preference. Now I'm looking forward to my first HK long gun purchase.
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