What brought you to H&K ?
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Thread: What brought you to H&K ?

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    I moved to central Colorado a couple years ago from the west coast of the US. Shortly after I bought a Ruger .45 pistol at Cabelas. Just did not like at all. Sold it. Went back there and bought a Kimber pro carry II. 45 acp. That was a total POS. Sold it. I was pissed when I walked into my LGS (DCF Guns) and talked to them about what I was looking for in a .45. I was escorted into their indoor pistol range and tried out a 45C. Bought a 45CT 20 min later. There are other pistols I like but I trust my 45CT with my life. 5k+ rnds later, still flawless. Several different manufacturer’s ammo. Flawless. I’m convinced.
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    The paddle mag release. If HK used a push button like everybody else, all my hammer fired guns would honestly probably be CZs.
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    I picked up a USPc and held it in my hand. Every other pistol seemed like garbage by comparison. It was like that first hit of crack that in retrospect is the beginning of the downward spiral...into bolivian...
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    Its German...like my car...which = quality
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    i worked narcotics and was issued a USP40 and a USP40c for carry. liked them so much i expanded my collection. i was lucky enough to be given both when i retired however they wouldn't budge on letting me keep my MP5!! damn police!
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    All the others were too hard to spell.
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    Pretty much this:

    Quote Originally Posted by bastardsonofelvis View Post
    ...into bolivian...
    this made me laugh @bastardsonofelvis

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    A book brought me to HK.
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    John McClane aka Die Hard. Period.
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    The HK mystique brought me to buy my first one. After that, I bought two more because I wanted to try all the flavors.

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