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Thread: Got the fever for a VP9sk

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    Just picked this one up this evening.

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    I’ve had my VP9SK LE for over a year. It quickly became my EDC in a vedder light tuck. I paid $599 for a new LE version last year. Mags are more than other manufacturers so the extra mag and tritium sights on the LE are worth the extra $.
    Very accurate. I purchased the 15 round factory mag a few months ago. Honestly I prefer the 10 round. Just balances better. Very easy to shoot even with the 10 round that does not have a pinky extension.

    I prefer it over my full size VP9.

    Check out prices at in the DFW area. The black LE is currently $623

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    Quote Originally Posted by glock19er View Post
    Just picked this one up this evening.

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    Wow that looks awesome. I really like the black extension. Jealous:)
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    I put off getting a VP9sk last year in favor of a revolver to use while hunting. I've worn out some kneecaps kicking myself over that decision ever since, especially now that my daughter is starting college and all of my "disposable" income will likely be dedicated towards her books and tuition for the foreseeable future (translation: no new guns for me for a while.) As soon as the opportunity presents itself, the VP9sk will likely be my next purchase.
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    OD Green VP9SK great choice!

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