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Thread: Have you switched to a different safety only to later switch to LEM anyway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iviax View Post
    Is that possible Toosexy? I thought decocker is gone forever on LEM setup.
    Absolutely impossible.
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    I set my USP 45 up with a LEM/Match hybrid and No safety, I'm thinking of doing either the USP40 or USP9 up as LEM/Match hybrid with safety, (safe/fire only). Just for a good time.
    I'm gonna leave the USP T 45 as a DA/SA but make sure it's got all the match parts. It's a suppressor host only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooSixy View Post
    You converted your USPs to LEM and are still able to use the decocker?
    Brain fart -- meant to say my P30s. The USPs still have their safeties, without decocker.

    Quote Originally Posted by crzteach View Post
    Funny. I expected to hear that people went from safety to LEM no safety. Not that they then went to LEM with safety because all the LEMs I’ve seen are just that. No safety.

    When I looked at the parts for sale section I expected to see a lot of safetys for sale because of LEM conversions. Maybe that’s why I don’t?
    In addition to some of us keeping the safety lever on the gun when converting to LEM, in the case of a complete LEM conversion keeping the safety and other parts gives one the ability to put the gun back into its original configuration.

    After 20+ years, I'm now on the fence about *having* to have a safety lever. I recently purchased my first originally-equipped-as-LEM USP, and have to say I'm surprised at how comfortable I am without the safety. I have long preferred a safety as an additional safeguard against a negligent discharge, particularly when reholstering. A year or so ago I learned about being able to thumb the hammer down while reholstering, and that has led me to being more open-minded to safety-less LEM variants (still not comfortable with carrying strikers, unless equipped with a thumb-able striker blocking cover plate).

    The #1 benefit to going full LEM -- for me -- is elimination of thumb-safety lever interference, i.e., having to work around the lever with a "modern" thumbs-forward grip. With my full-size USP 45, I have left it V2 because I can shoot thumbs-forward without having trouble with my left thumb getting around the lever; I've changed my V2 USP Compact 45 to V1 because the lever and my left thumb really didn't get along, but I still wanted a safety for administrative handling (using the right hand to reach over and operate the lever). I'm now thinking seriously of converting at least the USPc 45 to safety-less LEM.

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