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Thread: VP9 Trigger

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    Default VP9 Trigger

    What has everyone done to improve their VP9 trigger? I am looking a the Lobos trigger, as I do not want to fork over the coin for a Lazy wolf job.

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    Fork over the coin for the Lazy Wolf job. Then keep the gun forever and shot the heck out of it!

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    For my VP9SK, I bought the Lobos trigger and spent $40 for professional installation. It was money well spent. The pull is lighter, and the reset is shorter - without sacrificing any of the smoothness of the stock trigger. This was exactly what I was looking for. I'm happy.
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    I think my VP9 trigger is pretty excellent out of the box -

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricky_bobby View Post
    I think my VP9 trigger is pretty excellent out of the box -
    Have to agree, why mess with what works just fine?
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    If it's for a competition gun or range only gun I could see wanting to change the trigger. For a carry gun I'll keep it stock, the last you want is a lawyer finding out you had a lighter faster more bullets per second trigger installed. The only thing I have done to mine is taken it to the range and fired it.
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    I pulled the trigger of one of the guys on the Hk shooting teams vp9 with the new trigger from Lazy Wolf. I was blown away. It was as good or better than most 1911's, and easily as good as my cz tacsports. I don't know if that trigger was just for him since he's on the team, but it was amazing. If I ever decide to do something either of my vp9's trigger, or any Hk's triggers for that matter, I would send it to Rick Holm at Lazy Wolf. He did a 226 for me and it's outstanding. The only downside is he's so busy there's a long wait. But it's pretty amazing what he can do. I would only do it for a gun I shoot in competition, though. JMO.
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    One of the reasons I bought a VP40 & a VP9 was the trigger. As shaky and old as I am nothing can make me much better!
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