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    For those > 35" waist, myself included: JM Custom Kydex "Wing Claw 2.5". The HK45C holster body fits P30, P2000, P30sk, P2000sk and HK45C.
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    I just remembered that if you install the extended paddle mag release onto the P2000/sk some kydex holsters will hit the paddle mag, just an FYI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooSixy View Post
    The P30SK/VP9SK and P2000SK use the same mags so whatever mag options the P30SK has, so does the P2000SK (including the new 13-rd and 15-rd extended mag designed specifically for the P30SK/VP9SK).
    I thought that while they will work with the P2000SK, they didn't fit as well as in the P30SK/VP9SK, as they were designed for that platform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armtx77 View Post
    Get some P2000 mags to along with it and a couple of Xgrip extensions. They make the P2sk, feel a little bigger in the grip.
    This. I really like my P2000sk with the Xgrip extension. If you want the original sk design for CCW, then carry a 12 round with the Xgrip for your backup magazine.

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    2000sk with lem trigger I like it getting better with the trigger.

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