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Thread: Finally got a P7M13!!

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    Congratulations on an excellent find. Nice to have friends like that.
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    If "Dirty Harry" had been made in 1996:
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    Nice looking pistol, well done!

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    This is the only HK pistol I ever wanted to own. You scored, and IMO it's great that you're going to shoot it and not bury it in a safe like a gold coin
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    Thanks guys, I knew you all would appreciate this. I've had an m8 for a while but always wanted a m13. I'm just glad my friend called me first instead of putting it on GB. And just to confirm, it will not sit in the safe, she's gonna get shot.
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    Have the barrel extended and threaded and install a Dead air Odessa 9 suppressor.


    P7M13 Odessa 9 it looks incredible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TK502 View Post
    An old friend of mine had a NIB '87 no import p7m13 that I gladly purchased from him. I'm gonna shoot it, but damn this thing is a beauty to behold. Enjoy the pics
    Attachment 215316
    Attachment 215318
    Attachment 215320

    A great addition to your stable. Now you can adjust your signature block!
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    Excellent acquisition!!!


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    Wow, what a great pickup!

    Sounds like you have a pretty good friend also!

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    Nice grab, go out and shoot it, you will enjoy it even more!

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    Nice! Those are not easy to find.

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