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Thread: If you know a lot about HK handles please advise me

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    I have to go with Jon on this one. Explore all possibilities with the pistol before giving up on it.

    Now, that said... give up on those tube videos where they are doing the torture tests on the guns. No, the p30 is NOT just the "newest USP" that person clearly doesn't know what they're talking about. It's actually a LOT more like the next evolution of the p2000. As for the different variants, those are different trigger action and safety combinations. HK has info about that on their website.

    For what your criteria are, I'd say p2000 or p2k SK. IF you decide that the gripframe on the p30 is something that is going to keep you from liking the pistol. However, with YOUR criteria, I am also going to recommend trying out something like a CZ 75 variant, Baby Eagle, both of which are legendary for reliability and functionality. Both of which also have tons of aftermarket support for trigger work and grips choices for the CZ's. Both of which are also very smooth shooters due to the internal slide design. Tho the baby eagle does have the grooves, but trust me they feel really good in hand. You might also put some rounds through something like a FN FNX or FNS. I've always enjoyed both of those, both hammer X and Striker S. Tho the stippling may not be to your liking after 3 or 4 boxes of consecutive shooting.
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    FYI. I have a USP Compact. I was looking for something with the same ergonomics as it and bought a P2000sk. When I put the large back strap on it the ergonomics changed so I kept the medium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kost View Post
    USP Compact 9mm, unless you can deal with the unusual decock button location on the P2000/P2000SK

    I don't use Decock, but some do
    No worries with the LEM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonHK40 View Post
    I think that most of us on the forum consider the P30 to be a substantial ergonomic upgrade from a comparable calibered USP.
    I agree. Yet I like the USP better. (I have more USPs than P30s).

    The "right" choice for you is far more than grip angle or finger grooves, it's the complete package: that *combination* of grip shape, trigger shape and distance from backstop to trigger, controls shape and location, balance, etc., etc., that works best for you.

    This is VERY subjective, and only determinable by your physically handling to determine what *you* like.

    p.s. The "they're all USPs" comment is not accurate, but it's not far off. The designs that followed the USP (P2000, HK45, P30) are primarily external evolutions from the USP, while the internals remained nearly the same (maybe TooSixy will need to correct me, but as I understand the mechanicals, only the decocking arrangements changed; the fundamental arrangement of the trigger/trigger bar/sear/catch/disconnector/hammer/hammer strut/main spring/firing pin block/barrel lock-up remain the same, with only detail differences).

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    USP for shooting.VP9SK for carry.
    No LEM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnnycat View Post
    I was thinking P2000 or P2000sk as well. If you like a Browning Hi-Power I would consider a USP compact. It's older but I still like it best of those pistols you mentioned - not just the grip/handle but the overall way it feels as it cycles.

    But so much of how a pistol feels is subjective and easily differs from one person to the next.
    i went with the usp compact and love it, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by triggerprincess View Post

    I WANT which ever one has a handle closest to a Px4.
    Assuming you mean Beretta PX4 Storm, the closest HK grip would be P2000. Both USP and P2000 are somewhat rectangular in shape like PX4. The P2000, like PX4, utilizes interchangeable backstraps and has a slide-mounted decocker. The USP has a frame mounted decocker and a fixed backstrap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by triggerprincess View Post
    i went with the usp compact and love it, thanks!
    Awesome! Great choice.

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    I have the same problem here with seeing and comparing HK pistols.
    The dealers that handle them will have one or two models in stock. Maybe. Rarely more.
    I have never even SEEN an HK45 compact or a USP compact. And I have never been able to handle a USP (or other model) 9mm and 45 at the same time, right next to each other, to compare.
    The notion (around here) of seeing, say an HK45 and a HK45Ct, and having the various magazines present to insert and feel while in the pistol, is preposterous. Ain't gonna happen.
    Maybe the HKs are too expensive to stock. If I can't hold one, they are too expensive to buy.
    HK could compete better with the zillions of $400 guns that people buy, I think, by the company at LEAST requiring "stocking dealers" to have the full range of HK pistols on hand in the form of solid, weighted, plastic models. Like so many blue, practice guns. Would be better than a catalog picture.
    But I'm no businessman, and I'm not much of a pistolero, so what would I know?

    Regarding grips generally, I stand with Triggerprincess. Make mine plain, pretty slab-sided, and not very rakish. The steeper the grip, compounded by any holster cant, requires exaggerated motions to un-holster and start shooting, and it screams "I am pulling a gun". Make mine squarish and give me a vertical holster, and I can operate much faster and without machinations that waste time and betray me (betrayal is bad). The very old SIG P series grips, the USP/Mk23 full-size grips, and the first gen Glock 45 grips suit me fine. I don't care for the others. Nobody but me seems to like them much, though, so I understand why these are an endangered species.

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