Low & Left: P-30SKs Back to HK
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Thread: Low & Left: P-30SKs Back to HK

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    Default Low & Left: P-30SKs Back to HK

    After nearly 500 assorted rounds thru my new 30SKs....I finally sent it back to HK to be checked out.
    Feed, Extraction has been 100% Flawless.
    But with a variety of ammo, accuracy at even minimum yardage is unacceptable for me.
    Point of Impact is consistently low and left....and even at 10 yards does not result in acceptable groups, imho.

    Could be me.

    But my S&W Shield 2.0/Apex system groups MUCH BETTER and results in centered impacts where I aim.
    My Sigs, 226, X5L1, 210 all shoot where I aim them.
    So it's easier for me to blame the 30Sks, which really does feel very good in my hands and is my 1st choice for CCW.

    H&K initially suggested it needed to be broken in more and I needed to get used to handling it.

    But it's reached the point where it is NOT getting better and H&K says "Send it In" so I did. I also asked if they could do aything about the very long/heavy trigger and they basically said "That's it" and they offered no alternatives. I hope they at least make sure it's NOT heavier or longer than it's spec'd for. As a CCW, I can live with the heavy trigger, but I am spolied by my other 9MM's...including the Shield/Apex system. The X5L1 and 210 are superb, but obviousluy NOT for a CCW.

    H&K says I should expected a 2-3 week turn-around. I'm in no rush, and not looking forward to possible a 3-4 month turn-around if I ever want to send it off to get any after-market action work from experienced H&K 'smith like Grey Guns.

    The Best are well worth the wait fer sure...but for a CCW, there's plenty of reasons to consider leaving it alone and not alterring the Factory Specs...and H&K's excellent warranty.

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    You'd probably be better suited with the VP9SK...

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    From my experiences low and left is almost always the shooter. Changing to a different back strap and palm inserts could make the pistol fit your hands better and give better results if that was not tried. I find I shoot a little low and left on pistols that have too short of a trigger reach for me like I experienced with the SIG P365 while I shoot my Walther PPS dead on center. Low and left can also indicate flinching/shot anticipation. It is also helpful to have a few other people try out a pistol also to see what their results are or try shooting from a rest if you are experienced at doing such.
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    HK is right about "That's it." The P30s are known for long and heavy DA trigger, and long reset. I was going to recommend trying a LEM but since "it -- the gun" has been shooting low and left, there is no point in trying LEM. It will be much lower and farther left.
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    funny... I'm still patterning slightly left, but I'm also left handed.
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    What grumpy1 said above.

    Before sending in your P30sk, play around with backstraps and side panels. Dry-fire the gun, and focus on the front sight. See if it moves low, left when the trigger breaks. What about the placement of your trigger finger? Pad or distal joint on the trigger face? Are you stiffening and straightening your trigger finger and pulling it straight back? Chances are it's you and not the gun.
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    Did you handle one before you bought it? I am always curious when people complain about a trigger, it's as if you were surprised by what you got? Low and left could be the sights, but I am pretty sure they are going to send it back saying the gun shoots dead on for them. I know Rick Holm at Lazy Wolf does great things with Hk triggers, but not sure about the sk. Hope it works out to your satisfaction. Keep us posted!
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    Have you tried placing it on a bag and slow fire the P30sk?
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    Quote Originally Posted by airforce1 View Post
    Have you tried placing it on a bag and slow fire the P30sk?
    Yes - I previously owned several HKs. I could shoot a USPc 45 perfectly. But when I later bought a USPc 9mm, it shot low all the time. I SWORE it was the gun. I then benched it on sandbags one time. I saw that the sights were perfect. Itw as me.

    It took me months, but I finally mastered the trigger. Somehow, I was pulling the gun down when pulling the trigger. I did not do it on a P2000, or on a USPc 45. Just on the 9mm USPc.

    SI almost contacted HK to send it in, but tried this first. (this was over 10 years ago)

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    Have at least 2 other “good” shooters go through a mag or two before you send it back.

    Seen this story a few dozen times, it’s nearly always been user error. Good luck!
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