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Thread: My P2000 Broke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerstorer View Post
    I skipped HK and just replaced the part.

    Ship to HK and explain the repeated issue. Let them look it over, and inspect it, maybe they can see someth8ng you can’t, and fix accordingly.
    I will never take a chance with my firearm. I haven’t used my HD gun in a long time, but every 6 months, field strip, function check, fresh lubricant, etc. don’t ever take a chance on your family’s life and safety.
    Rule #1 - family protected at all cost.
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    Time to buy a usp(;

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    I put 139 rounds through it today. Perfect function. The XS Sights have to go though. They just aren't my jam. Their regulation is weird and I just can't stand them. Impact is 2 inches high and 2 inches left of POA even when benched at 20 yards. I think either they aren't regulated correctly or I am just so used to notch and post that my brain just can't process enough crayon colours to use them.

    A few things for those interested:
    9 rounds of Federal Champion 115r FMJ Avg: 1158 (Box: 1125) High: 1180 Low: 1147 ES: 33
    9 rounds of Speer Lawman 115gr TMJ Avg: 1173 (Box: 1200) High: 1184 Low: 1151 ES: 33
    5 rounds of Hornady Critical Duty +P 135gr Avg: 1064 High: 1070 Low: 1059 ES: 11
    4 rounds of Federal HST+P 124gr Avg: 1173 High: 1188 Low: 1147 ES: 41

    I'll tell you the Lawman ammo is fairly warm. I think it shoots harder than +P HST, which is weird given the same velocities and projectile weight difference. The Critical Duty is a pretty soft shooter. I don't think the 3.6 inch barrel of the P2000, at least in my example, gains much from +P loads. I'm going to throw some standard pressure HST down it to see what the difference is.

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    Instead of a single robust slide release on the USP you get two compromised slide releases that break on the P series. The VP series is even worse with stamped sheet metal.

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