LEM trigger, funky on 2nd strike - Normal?
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Thread: LEM trigger, funky on 2nd strike - Normal?

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    Default LEM trigger, funky on 2nd strike - Normal?

    USP COMPACT 45 [AE / '04] V1

    LEM kit parts installed (HKParts):
    Cocking Piece,
    CP Spring,
    light TRS,
    match HS (from the kit) /standard usp45c HS,
    Hammer Axle (no safety),
    new Catch,
    new style light FPBS.
    Parts removed:
    Detent Plate,
    Detent Slide and Spring

    The light LEM trigger setup feels quite nice; very smooth, light take-up, slight stacking near the end of travel, wall, nice break. Cycle slide. Fairly short reset, nice break. Repeat.

    While dry firing fully assembled (chamber empty), and then also with the slide off the frame, (easing the hammer down in this case-watching the works to better understand what is happening);

    Everything is fine (smooth) normally, but when I let the hammer down all the way (as in a failure-to-fire) and then do the long, heavy trigger pull to fully cock the hammer and compress the HS, it's no longer smooth (no big deal, half-expected).

    If I start with the hammer down all the way, press the trigger slowly until the catch pops up (audible and tactile click), let the trigger out, then slowly pull the trigger back to that point and let it back out, there is a weird-feeling and - sounding click, like something catching that should not be catching.
    I have nothing to compare it to, so I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

    If I rack the slide, then pull the trigger normally, everything is smooth and fine, again.
    It's only when simulating a FTF, and 2nd strike in full DA, and letting off the trigger after I hear the catch pop up, then press trigger again, and back and forth, that it has the weird, click and catching feeling.

    In actual firing, I would rack the slide, ejecting the dud, instead of hitting the primer again, if able. But, it's nice to have the capability to rap it again if needed; (insert scenario).

    I realize that one would not normally let off the trigger at that point during the process of re-striking a FTF cartridge, but I would not expect anything in the trigger parts chain to be "catching", or feel like something is.

    Oh, one thing, if I hold the trigger to the right side, as I press it rearward, it is smooth. Weird.

    Thank you for reading this far. If you have, you've got more patience than I!
    Hopefully, it is coherent.

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    It's impossible to tell you what you're hearing from a text post. From what you described you are doing, my guess is that it could be the trigger bar making contact with the hammer and cocking piece. The LEM does not function like your standard double action pull. That is why when the hammer spring is not compressed and the hammer is resting on the catch, the trigger is not a consistent weight or smooth through the entire pull like it would be with a V1.

    But it could also be the hammer and the cocking piece making contact. It could be the cocking piece and a hammer strut making contact. It could be the hammer spring compressing. It could be all of the above or maybe even a serious malfunction with the gun...

    If you don't understand how your gun functions and you are concerned about there possibly being a problem, I would recommend you take it someone that does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bp1 View Post
    Oh, one thing, if I hold the trigger to the right side, as I press it rearward, it is smooth.
    Key data point.

    As a first step, I'd remove the slide and closely observe the movement of the trigger where it meets the trigger bar, and then turn the frame upside down and watch where the trigger passes through the slot in the frame -- in both positions, see if the trigger is snagging on anything when not pressed to the right.

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    If I pull my slide back enough to engage the disconnect on a second strike and pull the trigger and release the slide I hear/feel a click on the way back at reset. I don't know if that is the same as what you are describing.
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