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Thread: USP Are They Better?

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    I just ordered a used USPc 9MM. Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuco45 View Post
    I just ordered a used USPc 9MM. Lol
    Great choice. That's a very versatile handgun. Compact enough for EDC but large enough to keep you from getting complacent.

    Also, unlike the full sized USP, the Compact shares the same magazine profile as the P2000, P30, & VP9, so you're set for the future.....

    ....cause let's face it, this won't be your last HK
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    I really got to stop reading the active topics lol. Know im scouring Armslist for a USP C 9MM. Guess the layaway guns can wait.
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    As long as its not a Colt Rotary Bolt Pistol, Ruger Striker Fire, or Mossberg Lever ill try it. Pass on Smith & Wesson.

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    USP is the ultimate in pistols. If I could only keep one of my guns, it’d be a USP45 Tactical, and a KAC USPt suppressor.

    Imagine, this is just the ultimate setup.
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    I started off with the HK 45 and HK P30 then i went to the VP9 line . now i am going all USP they are just tanks. I got lucky and scored a Mark 23 and since then i fell in absalute total love with the USP line up.
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    My HK Gun List and Clones

    HK MR 5.56 A1 16.5 / HK MR 5.56 10.4 HK 416 clone upper
    PTR 91 F
    PTR 9
    HK Mark 23
    HK 45 LEM
    HK USP Tactical 9mm
    HK USP Tactical 45
    HK VP9 OD With Longslide kit aswell
    HK VP9SK
    HK 45C OD

    Next up to get
    HK 93
    HK USP CT 45
    HK USP 9
    HK USP 45

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    Quote Originally Posted by ar2088 View Post
    this article was written in 1998 but it covered the development history of the usp, including testing. It’s a very good read.

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    Absolutely NO difference in materials or build quality. I prefer the grip of the P2000. The USP is much too blocky for me.

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    Hello everyone. I am new to HK guns, and here is my story of discovering an HK.

    I live in Canada, so all handguns are range toys. We can't use it anywhere except the range. So most things that people consider for concealed carry, home defence etc, are not applicable. Personally, most important thing about handguns is the way they "feel" in my hands. I already owned and learned some gunsmithing skills on my 1911 which is (was) my favorite gun. I converted it into a 7.62x25 round with 6 inch barrel and it's an amazingly accurate and solid piece. I like it's simplicity and historical significance. I also owned a glock and M&P 9. That's when I knew for sure that polymer guns are not for me. They just don't "feel" right. Although I believe they are great for combat, self defence, home protection etc, It is just not applicable to me due to our laws.
    A few months ago I purchased a KaBoomed USP40 for cheap. It had a cracked frame, and a broken extractor. I was planing to sell it for parts or repair if I find a frame.
    When I took it out of the box I had this shivering feel in my body. I didn't expect the plastic to feel so "solid". Every single line, every single part, every single movement of mechanism gave me so much joy and appreciation of German engineering. Once I received a new frame, I compared it to the one that exploded. I couldn't help but appreciate the engineering behind the safety of the shooter. At first I thought "OMG, all this plastic, how can it be a solid gun?" But then I saw the points of exploded parts of the frame and I saw how much though went to safety of an operator in case of an explosion. The frame is designed to break and absorb the impact by venting the gases to the right and downwards away from the shooter. It is made right. I now understand the extra cost. I also work in manufacturing and couldn't help but admire the quality of the mould they built and critical metal parts being part of the frame.

    Unlike my 1911 that I really enjoyed working on trigger, tuning up ejection and other aspects to make it reliable, USP 40 doesn't need to be interfered with. It's perfect. I am now a huge fan of HK. This gun is definitely not going anywhere. My M&P is going for sale and I don't miss the glock. It feels a little big in the hand, but it's not. It feels just right.

    To sum it up, if you didn't hold HK in your hands (USP in my case), no amount of reading and video comparisons with other pistols do it's justice. Thank you for a great forum. I can see clearly now. I am awoke.
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