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Thread: Well remember how I said I was excited about my VP9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abscntminded View Post
    It’s here but one issue and maybe I’m wrong your insight would be awesome this doesn’t look like night sights to me looks like a suppressor sight with one night sight ?!? Botach says that’s how nights are but my buddy says no should be 3 dots

    What gives?

    You have the VP9TLE (Tactical Law Enforcement)
    Wish it had the LE trigger with that designation, but in this case LE means you get 3 mags instead of 2.

    Your sights are suppressor height combat sights. Tritium Serrated front sight. Serrated blacked ou trear sight with a U notch, adjustable for elevation. The single dot is supposed to be easier to line up under duress and stress, (combat), then a 3 dot system.

    Keep them. Learn to shoot accurately with them at close quarters, (3 to 15 yds.). Then buy a Holson HS507C red dot sight and send your slide out to have it professionally milled to mount the sight. (Or wait until the pre milled slides are available from HK Parts)
    You will be able to "co-witness" your sights and the red dot, zero both in at the same time, and shoot steel or paper bullseyes at 50+ yards!

    I absolutely love my combat sights on my VP9T. I can hit steel at 40 yards without the RDS with these adjustable sights.

    I also modified mine by installing the match grade seer spring, and the Lazy Wolf F3 trigger. I did the polishing work on the trigger bar myself as well. YouTube is a wonderful teacher!
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