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Thread: Choosing an HK small pistol

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    Default Choosing an HK small pistol

    Quote Originally Posted by acp1 View Post
    I am looking to get a small 9mm pistol and prefer an HK model. I have reviewed the VP9SK, P30SK, P2000SK and USP Compact. How in the world does one choose from all of these? One is striker fired, one is a little larger than the others but overall they are very similar. No gun store near me has all of these available to look at much less shoot. I would appreciate any input from the forum. I am not new to HK, I have a couple of long guns and an HK45. Thanks in advance for your knowledge.
    I have the P30sk in both da/sa and LEM, love them both. I just prefer hammer fired pistols for carry. Currently I’m carrying the CZ 75 D PCR or a Jericho 941.

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    VP9 SK, P30 SK or P2000 SK. My opinion.

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    I carry the P30SKS (9mm). One reason is size. I can carry it (snuggly) in the front pocket of my Levis in a Desantis pocket holster. It's a little heavy so I tighten up my belt a notch, but no big deal. I also run on trails and I carry it in a PistolWear holster for 3 miles each time; the extra weight just adds to the workout.

    Like some others in the forum, I am also a hammer guy. I started with revolvers, so the long first pull on the DA is not a problem for me as it appears to be for some shooters.

    Then I migrated to 1911's and became accustomed to locked and cocked carry. I like the carry options of the P30SKS:

    1) Locked and cocked like a 1911.
    2) Hammer down like a revolver.

    Even if the hammer is down, you can still manually cock the hammer if you anticipate a possible problem and you want to be SA ready.

    The dangling pinky does not bother me either and I prefer the smaller footprint of the flush mount magazine; but the optional finger rest for the pinky is still there.

    I can't find a down side to the P30SKS except it would be nice if it were 1/2 inch off the length and 1/2 inch off the height.

    I hope this may give you a bit more insight into this option.

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    All good opinions in here; I'll add one to your lineup, though, and you list one that is close to it as well.

    Between all of my options, the one I find is the best compromise given all the variables (concealable small size, large enough to hold, enough capacity, trigger system) is the non compact P2000 in v1 LEM.

    13+1 rounds, can take 15 or 20 round magazines (which I routinely carry as spares), and the LEM trigger for carry is the best package for me. I have other options in my safe, all with similar features (LEM, 9mm or 45ACP, same magazines) but percentage-wise, the P2000 rides with me more than the others. I prefer the P2000 over the USP functionally, and the P2000 (P2000SK & 45C) grips are not uncomfortable if the gun is held close to the body for long periods of time. I don't argue that the P30, VP or HK45 series are comfortable grips - that they are - but for daily carry, the P2000 gets my vote!
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