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Thread: P7 Hurts My Trigger Finger

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    Now I see. I'd ask James (Marine0303/Teufelshund Tactical) if it can be filed-down/rounded-off. Easily reversible as the stock trigger is an inexpensive part and can be replaced.

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    I hope you are locking it back on a empty mag, then dropping that mag, inserting a full one and releasing the slide to chamber a round. If your trigger finger is finding it’s way onto the trigger while you rack one in = might set you up for an unintentional discharge ??.

    It sounds that way from your description.

    Yes, getting old sucks , but consider the alternative .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Himhawkeye View Post
    Attachment 225368Attachment 225370

    First shows the sharp lower corner of the trigger. Second shows the small triangular piece at the top. My finger gets caught between the corner and the lower part of the frame when I release the trigger. I think gloves will solve the problem.

    Being seventy-nine, I don't have the hand strength I used to. When I pull back the squeeze cocker my finger goes thru the guard from upper right to lower left thus I get pinched by the upper right and rubbed raw by the lower left. Getting old is a bitch.
    I never noticed that sharp corner at the top till you pointed out that it was pinching. It is quite pointed and painful pressing it, and I could definitely see someone with a large trigger finger getting rubbed the wrong way. The fat trigger is the same at the top. I would have James Marine0303 on this board do any reshaping to help you out. I would try a thin leather shooting glove for now. Good luck.

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    trigger never bothered me, just the what after a couple of mags

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    Oh that is interesting, I never noticed that that part was sharp.

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    Thanks for the comments. Problem solved! I used a very fine file and lightly rounded off the sharp lower corners of the trigger which has a plastic covering. Can't even see it's been changed. This lets me hold my finger lower on the trigger so the sharp upper corner is no problem now. Thin leather gloves also helped a lot.
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