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Thread: Solve this 9mm HK argument

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    Im going to throw a wrench in the works here, and I know this isn't what you asked so bear with me... the VP9sk is a softer-shooting pistol than either of them and it also happens to have a longer sight radius.

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    +P+ out of P30SK is very fun and pleasant to shoot. I don't have a P2000, but P30 grip just feels better to me and for SK, prefer not to have to install a Handall.
    VP9 - all 4 of them :-)
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    +1 Wolfie.
    The LEO +P+ Fed JHP load is still very much formidable, and fun in the P30SK. The P30SK handles very close to its P30 sibling due to its grip.
    The P2K/SK/45c gen grips don’t’ fit me, my P2000 improved only after the Handall.
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    I found that the P30SK felt about the same using +P ammo but the pistol seemed to move around less in my hands. Likely due to the better texture on the grip. OMMV.
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    I carry the Winchester LE 127gr +P+ in my P30sk. It’s a soft shooter but can ware on you a bit after a while.
    Own some P2000/SKs, but none in 9mm.

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