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Thread: Help me liberate my HK .45 USP-F Mags

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    You cannot swap out the 10-rd mag floor plate to accommodate 12 rounds. There is no lip on the bottom of the mag to hold the 12-rd floor plate (see the area in Red in the photo below). Unless, of course, as throwing_down mentioned above, you weld a lip onto the bottom, or just buy new 12-rd mags. LOL

    You will need a 12-rd mag.

    Compare the bottom of your mag housing with this one. See that lip?

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    ^^^ That is right TooSixxy - I just learned today my mags don't have that lip at the bottom.

    10 to 12rds isn't much difference, but somehow when you haven't had water in the desert, even 2 extra drops is exciting, lol.

    I suppose I will just have to purchase them. I am purchasing some for my other pistols, so I will include the ones for the USP 45. I, along with thousands of others are going on a magazine buying rampage. Many sights have already crashed due to the volume.

    One retailer woke up the day after the ruling and saw 2,000 orders for mags, he thought it was hack job, lol.

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    I'm not sure if these will actually fit or not.

    But TWO 12 round USP 45 mags for $72 is not bad.
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    Thanks wallew --- I was able to find some from grabagun at $33.49 each. Picked up some 9mm as well.

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    If you get the 12s, I'm sure you can find mag extensions that will work with them? Then it would be worth it for the 2+ rounds

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    Heyas No.body! Congrats out to you and the other gun owners in CA! This is indeed a big win. And I honestly really do hope that other states begin to follow suit. I think a lot of it will depend on how successful CA is in their appeal to overrule the overrule.
    As an eternal pessimist, and somebody who doesn't trust those who have political power, along with as many mags as you can afford, I'd recommend also getting a large, airtight, waterproof bucket, some airtight bags, a fake potted tree, and a shovel in your list of current acquisitions.
    Dig a nice, deep hole in your backyard, and plant that fake potted tree. You're gonna need someplace to stash those mags if the state ends up getting it's way again. ;)
    Again, congrats on the win. And Pray for us here in MO who are trying to get Bill 786 and SB 367 to get it's day in court and hopefully passed. A law that would state that MO has the right to refuse federally imposed limitations, under the 10th amendment.
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    Congratulations on a little taste of freedom--- @TooSixy is correct--- 12-round magazine floor plates are not interchangeable with 10-round magazine floor plates!!!


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    Just cause the law says you can have +10 rd mags. does not mean that in the future the restrictions will come back. I would say keep the 10rd mags close at hand they might be needed

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    I would not try and do anything to change those mags if I were you, glad things got changed in California. We here in NJ had 10 round mags before, then it got lifted to 15, now were back to 10 again. Our situation is different from yours as it was a change with Gov, but hopefully your outcome changes it for other states
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    Found it. Spartan765 on YouTube. It's a 40 conversion. It would work on a 45. Though its kind of generic. Maybe someone could come up with a slightly better way using better materials.

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