Mods, I am not sure where this goes, but as I pertains to us working on our pistols I think it goes here. If not, please let me know and let me know which sub-forum a post like this goes in for future reference.

I am going to be picking up a VP-9 soon, unless I get distracted by more P30ís or USPís, and am thinking about picking up one of the Present Arms VP-9 Armorerís Plates. I have heard people here and on other forums that recommend their stuff. I like to be able to work on my stuff with good tools so I know what goes into my guns.

Anyways I know this is a new product and am wondering if anyone has picked one and can tell me how much cross over you can get with the P30 series. Maybe Marine303 can pipe in as I believe that he said somewhere that he has some preproduction ones, too test. My questions are:
How does the P30 lower match up with the holes for punching out the pins?
And the same for the slide?
What percentage would you give for each half of the p30 for matching up with the plate?