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    Quote Originally Posted by GasGuzz View Post
    ... they picked the MOS Gen5 Glock in 9mm... intends to transition all current law enforcement form .40 S&W to 9mm pistols by the end of Fiscal Year 2021...

    The handwriting on the wall for the HK 40.
    40 is stupid cheap now but won't be forever; it won't fully go away. There's less issued.45 ACP use and outside of 1911 afficionados (who also are taking up 9mm at a rapid pace); even fewer decent duty guns in .45 ACP and it's still alive and well. Even if it goes deep niche', it will never be gone (see below that people are still talking .357 Sig...whose popularity is probably behind .38 Super and ahead of .45 GAP)

    Quote Originally Posted by 4X4 View Post
    The G5's need real world extended reliability cred, the other's do not as they have proven themselves.
    Nah...they're far better out of the box than a stock Gen 3 and let's not forget all the teething Gen 4 problems. It's by far their best Gen. Were Sig not out-playing Glock at their own game, Glock would have an even tighter hold on the market than ever.

    Quote Originally Posted by corgi View Post
    Bigger holes make bigger leaks. why not 357Sig? its a great round. and the 357Sig is like shooting a 9mm+P, so not much recoil IMO. I understand the cost issue, but if more standarized, it would drive down prices Look into body elasticity and wound cavity in REAL pistol shooting. Provided bullet construction is on point, bore diameter is not a critical factor for affect on unarmored persons. .357 Sig offers nothing a +P 9mm can give with reduced capacity and logistic problems....It's dead; face it.

    Quote Originally Posted by FergusandCo View Post
    I think CBP went with the Gen 5 Glocks because they addressed and built to the requirements of the tender; Striker-fired, polymer-framed, low bore axis, Optical sight compatibility, etc... I also assume they were competitively priced.
    Well...yeah. Lately everything out there is written for either Glock or Sig in mind. Funny though some requirements were written for Glock were won by Sig and vice versa. Gov procurement is stupid.
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