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Thread: HK 45 Tactical versus P2000

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    The USP 45 Tactical to the P2000 series is like baseball is to softball. Same concept, totally different game. Each has it's enthusiasts and superstars who play that game. The USP 45 Tactical is red meat protein. It changes the user like a religious experience.....and that's not entirely hyperbole. It really does spoil the user to other options. Suddenly if it's not a USP Tactical, I'm riding my sister's bike with pink tassels on the handle bars. The only real answer is to try one and you'll see what I mean. Fair warning though, once you do, it'll nag you like the Sirens of Anthemoessa. You can run but you cannot hide from that constant craving to get one of your own and fondle it while watch John Wick or Collateral.......maybe you can, but why would you want to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by burtontester View Post
    I'd rather have a USP tactical in 45 than an HK 45 tactical.
    Eli would disagree.

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    Thanks everyone. I bought the 45 Tactical and am keeping the P2000SK. Problem solved :)
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    So I've been out with the HK45 and really like it. However, I am not a big fan of the sights - especially the rear non-dot sight.

    If I am honest with myself, I am unlikely to ever fire this with a suppressor. Any thoughts on switching to standard height sights? I don't see many choices in suppressor height sights.

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    Considering it is a large pistol with an extended barrel I would look into target sights rather than self defense sights. May even be cheaper. Other members will come along with suggestions. Congrats on your HK's!
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    10-8 Performance Sights or Dawson Precision. I go with a all black 10-8 rear and .125, .115 front sight, will greatly improve your sight picture. You are currently rocking a .155 front and shitty two dot rear. I hate em. They're useful for what they are, which is a combat sight.
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