My new HK Mark 23 rail mount
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Thread: My new HK Mark 23 rail mount

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    Default My new HK Mark 23 rail mount

    I have decided to make my own Mark23 rail mount. Im tuning the design now, it should be more elegant, light and low profile than others, photos of 3dprinter prototype below.

    I have only three lights to check (olight, inforce and old steiner sbal), so Im looking for some other brands. That Inforce light is really looking good with the gun.

    I´ll definetely build one for me(6065 or 7075), anyone else interested? Target price is 100-110 dollars, ill finish the design by the end of this month, production will be finished by the end of may.

    My new HK Mark 23 rail mount-20190417_072942.jpg

    My new HK Mark 23 rail mount-20190417_073025.jpg

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    Looks really good. I machined one for myself similar to that. I like how by opening up the side you were able to bring it up higher.

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    Nice work!!!


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    Very interesting!!!! You wouldn't happen to live in Texas and own 2 sequentials in the 5000's now, would you????


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    Thanks :)

    I live in Europe (Czech rep.) and Im tired of hkparts (and others) not willing to send anything gun-related to Europe. It sucks, but if forced me to revive my CAD memories, fortunately i have a lot of cnc experts around :)

    Next week i´ll show you the final 3dprinter sample.

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    Nice design & prototype!

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    Excellent craftsmanship and design. You might want to consider a patent and sell it!!

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    well done...congrats!

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    Very nice I want to see the final I might be in for one.......
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    I love these new options for adapters. Starting with THRLSEKR's design through Gator's rendering and now this one, I like the initiative shown and the creativity. I know @THRLSEKR put a great deal of thought and heart into his.
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