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Thread: Finally got a VP9!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkHK View Post
    I just picked up one yesterday. It was slightly used. Took it to the range this morning and was disappointed. Many fail to feeds, with fail to ejects. It was like the slide was closing way too fast. I noticed sometimes that last round bolt hold open did not work. I was shooting Blazer 115 gn. I was thinking, after reading some comments, that maybe my hand (right, as I'm lefty) was rubbing the slide release. Now I have a good excuse to hit the range again to test out my grip. I have plenty of 124 gn, but I seriously believe it is an ammo issue. There was plenty of times I could go through a magazine without fail, and when it ejected, those shells went flying. The ammo has power. I think the spring is way too strong, and my hand must have been interfering with the slide. Meanwhile, my P30 was banging out 115 like crazy. I love the VP9 trigger (will take have that reset travel taken up though). I felt I could be darn tootin accurate with it - very happy. Good luck with yours.
    I have 5 VP9s, they all shoot 115/124/135/147 without a hitch, even with the VP40 spring. Likely was you riding the slide lock, I've read about lots of folks who do that when first shooting their VP series.

    Have fun, be safe.
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    ^Very easy to do for a Southpaw. I adjusted my grip slightly when shooting a family members VP9.

    I held off buying one, and held off a bit longer, but finally just gave in to the need. (Grey frame, as well) Now I own a VP40 and a VP9 LS kit that i also run on it! Serious range fun.

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    Update to my post. I did prove that it was my right hand causing interference with the slide. Knowing that, I leaned how to hold my VP9 properly. It is an awesome pistol.
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