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Thread: Decisions, decisions...DECIDED - VP9

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    Default Decisions, decisions...DECIDED - VP9

    I've been agonizing over a decision. I've been thinking about selling my S&W 4056TSW safe queen and buying another HK. But this isn't the tough decision.

    Right now, I've got a VP9sk and I love it. The ergonomics allow me to shoot more accurately than I've ever shot before. With that in mind, do you think it would be better to go with a VP9 rather than another VP9sk? More importantly, why? I'm not a collector. I plan on using my pistols for home defense and for target/range shooting. I also don't want to turn this into a "which is better" thread. I'm just looking for opinions on whether I should stick with what I know or go for a full-sized alternative.
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    I have both. I carry the SK and the VP9 is one of my range guns. Both are great shooters. The longer sight radius on the vp9 makes it a tad more accurate for me. The VP9 with the rail mount comp makes it very soft to shoot with almost 0 muzzle rise and if you miss the 10 ring its all on the shooter. Good luck.

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    Get the VP9. Then get a long slide kit for it. (It won’t fit on the smaller SK frame) Tons of fun at the range and more than HD / SD capable.
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    I have both and will not give up either one.
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    I won't get two of anything until I get one of everything first. As some have said, the VP9 is a great range gun.

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    I am not into multiples of the same, I’d rather have another in the collection (your 5 guns make you a collector). The beauty of the SK is that it shoots similar to its big bro, so the VP9 is essentially the bigger version. The VP9L would be more different.
    I’d keep the S&W as it’s a nice variation in your collection, and pick up another pistol first (unless you never shoot the S&W anymore).
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    To your question,More importantly, why? I own a vp9sk and totally love it, feels great(perfect balance/size/ weight) and super accurate. The only difference between the two is VP9 is tad heavier, longer, height, and if your profient with the sk the full size(VP9) should be great for the range/home defense. Do you have a range that has rentals? Best way to find out if its to your liking.

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    VP9--- why have 2 sk's???


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    I'd go full size as you already have an SK. Then get the long slide kit, it's awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nifty View Post
    I won't get two of anything until I get one of everything first. As some have said, the VP9 is a great range gun.
    I agree with this!!

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