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Thread: Bought never used VP9, new to guns

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    OP is a ****.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GasGuzz View Post
    Long distance hunting, huh?
    and said in the OP "new to guns".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrandall View Post
    I bought a never used VP 9 mm that is made in 2015. It has never been used. And I am new to guns.
    Do I need to clean and lube it before using it on range? How do I disassemble and clean and lube it?
    What are best products to use to do this?
    What type and grain of ammo should I shoot through it?
    Does it need some specific type and grain of ammo to break it in?
    Appreciate your help.
    Thanks so much.
    This post is an obvious troll once you read his follow up posts. His original post is designed to stir it up.
    Good riddance

    2 is 1 and 1 is none. Until the Mark 23.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrandall View Post
    May I know your credentials in regards to expertise in pistols?
    No. You aren’t my client. I wouldn’t accept you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jrandall View Post
    I did not say I dropped out from pistols. I am just branching out.
    Rifles seem to be more fun and especially long distance hunting.
    Understood. I was being a smart-ass. You are correct, rifles are cool. Don't be too quick to judge pistols boring.
    Stick around here. Always something new to learn.

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    Not going to bother typing out my credentials and/or experience here other than to say it is real-world and current.

    With that disclaimer, I will say that not all so-called experts should teach and many of those individuals give their opinions when they probably shouldn't.

    As someone with LE experience, I will say that just because a person is a certified firearms instructor (Military, LE or private) that does not mean they are actually good at being a firearms instructor or shooting in general. I would generally consider their opinion on fundamentals over someone who was not a certified instructor but just being an instructor doesn't mean a whole lot in and of itself.

    There are a lot of so-called experts who regurgitate countless examples of their experience and prowess that I wouldn't even want to stand next to at the shooting range. With that caveat, I think it is very valuable to have an in-person instructor with some sort of verifiable experience and I am not knocking the person you found to help you. Just don't put all of your eggs in one basket; it is easy to be misinformed when you are a new shooter. Absorb all the info you can from people with more experience and find what works for you, just be safe and have fun.

    As it has been mentioned here, you would be hard-pressed to find a more knowledgeable base for HK firearms than this forum.
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    Guys here are reiterating things that I have seen for myself and OP would be wise to heed their advice (though I doubt that he will). I first saw it in my small aircraft flight instructor years ago and as a new student I was unaware of his level of incompetence. I am more in tune with things today. That being said...I have been 'shooting' for about 50 years but just recently went for my first formal instruction and due to the 'instructor's' inability to hear what I was saying ended up in a class that I was not looking for. Then he started out his 'lesson' by telling the class that OC is not legal in Philly, something that I clearly know better but I didn't get into it with him. He also preached against OC'ing as it scares too many people, pushing his opinions off on the rest of the class. He went on to tell us that the only way to chamber a round is by racking the slide. Hmmmm...all my life I have used the slide release to chamber the round and never had a failure to load. Changing up my methods that way knocked me off course with what I was trying to learn. There is more to the story but those are the relevant parts. Needless to say, I won't be attending his level II class.
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