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Thread: P30 Springs Question

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    Default P30 Springs Question

    Longtime lurker here with a couple of questions. I'm about to purchase a new TRS for my VP9 and thought, "Shoot, I'm already ordering -- lets get those P30 springs I've wanted for my P30SK & P30L."
    These are both V3 variants. The P30SK is a 2016 model and the P30L is a 2018 model.

    To improve the smoothness of my pull, I'm for sure getting the:

    Firing Pin Block Spring - Enhanced (x2)
    Enhanced Match Flat Sear Spring - Nickel Plated (x2)

    For both handguns. However, I cannot decide if I should purchase the Lazy Wolf 12 lbs or even 11 lbs hammer spring for these handguns. Here are my reasons/questions:

    1. My P30L already has a 12 lbs blue spring that came with the gun. Would a Lazy Wolf 12 lbs spring do anything? I've read conflicting reports that yes it does lighten pull -- and that no, it does nothing. Can anyone confirm either? I actually like the blue spring and if it's a 12 -- I'd like my P30SK to be a 12 as well. Which brings us to....

    2. My P30SK's pull feels quite a bit heavier than my P30L. Do P30SK's have 12 lbs hammer springs? If this is the case, I will simply keep it and further fire it until it weakens to match the P30L. But gosh, it sure feels heavier.

    3. Both are carry guns. Rick at Lazy Wolf & HKParts states that the 11 lbs spring is also good for Defensive use. What do you all think? Is it too light or should I stick with 12's?

    4. I've read on this very forum that modern variants of the P30 series already have the light Firing Pin Block Spring from the factory. Is this true? If it is -- should I even bother with purchasing the "Enhanced" Lazy wolf FPBS?

    And yes, I understand the pedantics of trimming the hammer spring for the P30SK. This is all hypothetical at this point and I'd like other member's to chime in on their thoughts about these different springs. Thanks!
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    1. I doubt the Lazy Wolf 12-lb spring would do much being that they weigh the same
    2. Not sure the weight on the P30SK spring. You can always use a Match spring and cut to size. Match is between 10-11 lbs
    3. I have 10-lb Wolff spring in my range gun and it has not yet failed to strike (about 3,5K rounds now)
    4. No, they still come with the Heavy FPBS so you will want the Light version.

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    Just the person I was hoping who would respond to me! Thank you so much, TooSixy -- you answered all of my questions.
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    [QUOTE=Weizen;3535808]Just the person I was hoping who would respond to me! Thank you so much, TooSixy -- you answered all of my questions
    Of anyone else's opinion, toosixy's is the one that I would go with.
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    He also has a great chart available on the site which very nicely lays out spring and triggerpull options in matrix format by common HK models.

    Best, Jon
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