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Thread: looks like I've lost my VP9

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    Lesson... Spit on the grips ("it makes it grippier"), then ask if she wants to shoot it.

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    There is always a vp9sk. His and her...
    My friend told me.
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    Similar happened to me.
    Wife loved her Sig P227 .45
    shot my VP9,loved it, hoping I can keep her from being stolen by the wife.
    She shoots the VP9 VERY WELL.

    Told her I’ll trade her for her .45, she told me to pound sand.

    She likes her Sig.

    I love it too, minus the button release. She does like the paddle much more, she don’t have to manipulate her hand as much with the paddle release. Compared with her Sig.

    Either way we are both trained on paddle and button just from muscle memory of the grip.

    Train, train, train, is a huge plus!
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    This is the same way I lost my VP40!

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    My SiL has my VP9sk on semi permanent loan.

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    I wish my wife was into shooting, even 1/10th as much.
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    hahahahha you've got a keeper. And an excuse to buy a couple more vp9's:)
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    The wife wanted to shoot. So she shot a LOT of revolvers in the process. Finally settled on the Taurus 4" .357 Mag. Then she went to the range with me one day an picked up one of my S&W model 19, 2 3/4" barrel. So I gave her one of mine, took her two Taurus' pistols and sold them for third S&W Model 19.

    I'm WANTING her to pick up one of my HK USPC's in 40 OR perhaps 9... I would gladly buy her the HK of her choice. Hey, on her own WITHOUT my help (other than explaining the point score system) she went out and got her CCW here in Texas. So I WANT her to feel comfortable with her choice of protection.

    Don't complain. You could easily be selling HALF your stuff and give it to her attorney. Just sayin...
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    This is why I buy two of everything. I also have two sons so it will all be equal in my end....

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    I thought you were going to have a similar story like mine from the past weekend. I too was a t the range with my wife and up until this point I did all the shooting other than a few rounds to get a feel for it by others. When it was all finished, zeroed, and everything, hand it to here as she might have wanted to use it for HD she got 2 rounds off and the gun went deadline on us.
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