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    I have a VP9 that I just love and may purchase a friends HK45 here soon. The addiction is strong after this vp9. I want to make changes to my vp9, maybe increase speed or follow up shots. I would like to know peoples thoughts on if I should purchase the long slide kit for my vp9 or a match weight? Which one would you rather purchase?

    Thanks in advance

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    Buy more ammo, mags and perhaps upgrade the sights. The long slide and or match weight might not make any difference for distances less than 25 meters so people with longer slides have commented when they first bought it.

    Practice for shorter distance first, start at 3 yards and move up. Good luck!

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    Only possible add on would be a muzzle weight, for control during fire.

    Trigger is fine, everything is fine for me, but have thought of a weight,
    Look into it, VP-9 Lowest recoil 9mm next to my Beretta 9mm, PX4

    VP9 range toy, shot her more than any of mine.
    Gray frame, lots of “what is that” and “that’s cool”

    Fun inexpensive pistol.

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    @Superstar has the right idea; you can do a lot on your own if you know what you're doing
    Seek outside instruction from a reputable instructor if that is your goal (Ernest Langdon, Bob Vogel, I think Letham is still doing class stuff, etc.) the apply to the above.

    I think the most you're going to get performance wise is probably a longslide with a Rick Holm trigger job.

    I'll be honest the match weight thing is F'ing silly. If you want to add ounces, put a damn X300 on that's functional, and you can still probably find a holster that works.
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