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Thread: VP Series - So Much To Love, Yet It Bears A Fatal Flaw...

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    this thread is hilarious. I too wanted to be part of history and post.

    One semi-useful comment. I have friend who is slightly smaller than average in stature, but keeps in good shape, etc. - however, cannot work the thumb safety on a P30LS, as in can't get it to move. I can work it with no problem whatsoever. It is crazy to watch him try as there is no earthly reason for why he can't move it. Some things just can't be explained...

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    I have had the same issue, but does not matter. It is still my favorite pistol!

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    I was hoping this was a bear thread.
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    I have large hands not meaty at all with long skinny fingers. I guess I lucked out
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    Quote Originally Posted by JonHK40 View Post
    >>>>>>>>>. If neither approach works, go to another platform. Sometimes, you just don't index well with a firearm. Move on, then. But first determine who's the flaw in the ointment-you or the gun.<<<<<<<<<<<<

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    I have both the Vp9sk and recently the VP9 and haven't had that issue happen on either, but have only run about 8.2k rounds through my SK and bout 4k through the VP9 to date. Guess been lucky with the finger placement so far!

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    I've sat through some pretty bad movies in my time. I'd known they were old, and outdated. I knew the story wasn't going well, but yet some insane curiosity drove me to have to see how the story ended.

    Same thing with this thread. Bleh.

    Even the OP has admitted that they aren't checking back here. Please let this thread die.
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