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Thread: VP Series - So Much To Love, Yet It Bears A Fatal Flaw...

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    Quote Originally Posted by WellWellWell View Post
    ... it has little to do with my hands. Everything to do with how the trigger is designed, it does not matter how I hold it IME.
    Above is a shoto of my finger on the trigger, worth noting is the trigger is forward in firing position. Trigger safety is also not engaged, I am pressing literally with all my finger strength (noted by the red hue of my finger tip. My finger is practically dead center yet not trigger safety activation.
    Your finger may be centered between the top/bottom-most dimension of the trigger, but it is not (correctly) centered on the trigger finger arc. The top of your finger is past the trigger finger arc and above/against the reverse tangent arc (your finger is not midpoint of the finger arc). You are also fighting against the fulcrum/pivot, and exerting more pressure does what.
    Per your pic the safety functions as designed, as your finger is placed incorrectly. It is the user’s (mis)operation that effects the result.
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    To the OP, get another pistol. The VP9 just isn't for you given how you've chosen to press the trigger. It's not the pistol, it's you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bastardsonofelvis View Post
    Exactly. The inherent narcissism in the conclusion that a machine is flawed because you can't operate it correctly -- when thousands and thousands of people have never even imagined that there could be such an issue -- is going to earn derision no matter the machine or where you go with your complaint. Specifically, when you come here with an issue specific to you and try to make it about the design of a universally lauded pistol you are going to be at the bottom of a dogpile. it has nothing to do with coolaid or even HK. If you had said the same thing about a 1911 trigger you would have been just as piled on.
    No other HK pistol has this problem so how is it not an issue with the VP9?

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    If the OP is unable to resolve his HK VP trigger finger/trigger issues, perhaps a 1911 with a short trigger (e.g., a Colt 70 Series Reproduction) or similar might be more ergonomic, especially with the combination of both a short trigger and straight back trigger movement.

    Best, Jon

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    In my boundless experience most problems can be solved with duct tape. It's the handyman's secret weapon.
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    Hmmm, neither my VP9 or SK or any of the others I have shot seem to have this flaw... strange that after countless rounds none of these pistols have shown any evidence of this fatal flaw, especially considering it is the inherent design of the pistol itself that is flawed.

    My advice would be to sell the pistol that doesn't work, for you, and find something better suited, for you. There are plenty of other excellent striker-fired designs to choose from, the Walther P99 or PPQ are the first two that immediately come to mind if you are a fan of the VP9 style.

    Also, looking at your picture, you have too much finger on the trigger. Correcting that may or may not help your overall shooting accuracy. Not judging as that might work for you and if so, disregard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WellWellWell View Post
    I can't even get the joint on the trigger due to the reach being too far to allow for this, I am using the pad of the first finger.
    First Trump and now you. (small hands) I have tried gripping my VP9 to replicate your issue and it is physically impossible for me to do what you describe. I have burn scarred hands (normal sized) that are mostly useless and I can still shoot my VP9 like a boss. Get a Beretta Nano.
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    I’m so used to the USP and P series, the vp9 is QUITE DIFFERENT!
    I have mega rounds down range at this point, and it’s fine with me now.
    First couple hundred were odd but like any firearm, practice, practice, etc etc..!!!

    I still get questions about her, now more than ever, with the long slide on her, and the grey frame, 6 out of 10 ask what it is, especially with the report of the civil defense rounds in 9mm. Great rounds, reports like a bolt of lightning!

    Love mine!
    She is my range toy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by igs View Post
    No other HK pistol has this problem so how is it not an issue with the VP9?
    How many other people have reported the problem that they can't pull the trigger? It may happen with the vp9 for this person, or others, but that doesn't mean it's an "issue" with the pistol. It's like saying there's an issue with peanuts because some people are allergic to them. The issue isn't with peanuts, it's with the person who is allergic to them. If the overwhelming majority have no problem pulling the trigger and firing the gun, probably millions of times by now, the problem isn't the gun. The op making a claim that a gun that none of us have a problem with and calling it a "fatal flaw" is a little over the top.
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    It was time to get my daughter a pistol so I took a G19 and my new vp9 to the range to decide which one was going to be her new pistol.
    now I don't have a vp9 and she fired 50 or so flawless rounds, it's not the pistol. Now she gets to concentrate on perfecting her using her new
    vp. I have another vp9 on the way and sold the 19!! Perhaps more practice is in order to overcome the trigger that operates as designed not get
    rid of the pistol?
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