New P30 V1 owner!
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Thread: New P30 V1 owner!

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    Default New P30 V1 owner!

    Finally added a P30 to my HK collection today! I've had a USP 45 Tactical, P2000SK V3, 2 VP9SK's, and a VP9. Seemed kind of silly not to have a P30 right? Finally found one at my local gun shop BNIB with a BK date code. I gotta say I'm in love! I've read and heard a lot of great things about the LEM trigger but have never had my hands on one until this baby and I absolutely love it! The ergonomics are great as well! I've always thought they were supposed to be identical between the P30 and VP9 but this P30 is pretty close to being loved more than my VP9! I'm beyond excited to send some rounds down range tomorrow morning.

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    Yeah, I have a LEM P30L that I love.

    But it spoiled me - I have 3 9mm USPs now - all DA/SA; a normal USP, and 2 P8a1s.. plus I have a P8 on the way.

    Nonetheless... a LEM USP 9mm would be awesome :)
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    Congrats!! I have 2 p30L's, one p30, and a p30sk and they are fantastic pistols! Only my sk is LEM and I love it:)

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    I have a P30L and a P30sk. Both v1 lite LEM. Love them both. Only downside is the long reset that I’m still trying to get used to. Might eventually send them in for trigger jobs but not sure I want to spend that kind of money if I can get used to how they are.

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    Congratulations on the recent acquisition!!!
    Seems sillier to not have a Mark 23.


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    I just bought my first HK, a P30SK with the LEM trigger. I do believe I have found another manufacturer that might get more of my business. I have several handguns in my collection, Sig, Glock, S&W, Ruger. This P30 shoots on par with my P320X-Compact, and is actually a bit smaller. I have put around 300 rounds through it, so far I am really pleased.

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